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Adhere to the "one-responsible-and contract business" principle, the spirit of "answers, said root, series of lectures this important point" purposes, ensure the quality of teachers! Targeted learning more efficient! We strive to do our best, to provide the city with the tutoring service!
The fundamental purpose of education was to cultivate children's ability to quickly solve problems correctly. This ability only by children to think actively about, from the teacher, transformed into children.
Disadvantages of traditional teaching mode: in class teaching model of the course, the teacher in accordance with the established procedures and taught, students can only passively accepted, their ability to think in an inhibitory State. Over time, the children formed a "lazy": confidence, love, absent-mindedness during the exam panic edgy, all kinds of learning problems, which are caused by inertia.
Our teaching methods are "forcing" children within their means taking initiative and thinking and expression, let children experience the "active problem solving" fun and a sense of achievement.

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