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Before middle school examination there are seven things parents don't talk nonsense

"Don't get into high school, your life is finished. "" Did well, you bought the phone. "" See your cousin live up to expectations, to get into a good high school...... "a few days ago, Frank eight training courses on the 200 in the secondary school sector students parents, issued for the first time exam Handbook, requiring the parents to not to say seven words before an exam.

Open the manual, parents can't say 7 types of words: nagging type, such as "how to watch TV, it can also high school? "; Wish, such as" admitted to good schools, computers for you! "; Threats, such as" failed the exam, you can only go to work! "; Overprotective, such as" o, mother took two months ' leave to take care of you at home preparing for the exam, you are said to have requested! "; Type, such as" next door is top grade, do you? "; Too much interference, such as" what time it is, but also to play? This time, you can do a simulated! "; Type of high expectations, such as" you must be focused on schools ".

Manual advocates the "four-four" should not be, such as children on the line, not to abuse drugs and health products, such as, and also collect the child, I do praise you today? And the child, why did I hit you on the articles of some famous writers, such as care for children.

eight Shao Yunsheng, principal of Frank said, entered the third day next semester, learned from the parents ' meeting, many parents are impatient than the students, often said that seven words, may even beat them, burden to their children, but children of normal note, so this time, pressure from parents, is particularly important.

complete training course, Ding said, parents, which is great for her guidance and vacuum, she promised to her daughter, and her daughter is very nervous, in fact is virtually pressure is transferred to the child. Parents, Guo said, reminded is important, encouragement should also pay attention to methods.

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