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Expert guidance: Countdown to the test parents not to do "the monk"

Test approaches, students and parents into nervous for a test students busy, parents then turns around the child. Facing this exams, parents even more nervous than a child. But in fact, excessive stress is not good for parents, students.

experts reminded parents that the child needs is a review environment of peace, it was business as usual, parents do not guard, excessive stress or interference in the child's life, so as not to make children more nervous, even disgust, anxiety and mood.

too much concern

intangible pressure on around after the kids

parent characteristics: these parents more introverted, they learn basic knowledge of psychology, know how to nag too much pressure to the child, so choose in the final stages of college entrance examination and quietly do the logistical work.

near the entrance, the home of all child-centric. Even some parents do not work, research on mothers day recipes, father arranged in the evening accompanied children to bed, parents bed; vegetables, fruit, meat and vegetables mix, quality of food suddenly multiple; when a child is learning, is training parents to be patient when I watch TV must be mute, must tiptoe walking.

However, parents worry about candidates in the mind is thinking? High school students Xiao Yang's response was typical: "I know MOM and dad is good for me, but they do be more considerate, I feel more pressure. This nameless rage was not sent to them, just have to hold. ”

expert analysis: master education tests ensure the class teacher Liu said, such parents without children. They think children need is a sufficient, not interference environment. In fact, changes in their lives is a bother. Appears to be concerned about, but suddenly changed circumstances like war ready to signal parents any changes in a careful, will still be passed to the child, sensitive psychological candidates can feel.

action: avoid sudden changes

Liu said that if parents ten years to the students so that is okay but if it suddenly changed in two or three months, tend to have the opposite effect to enable candidates to feel depressed. Best bet is it is business as usual, so as not to give too much pressure on the candidates.


"monk" or verbose offensive to the children

parent characteristics: these parents more outgoing character, articulate. Usually what you think, his mouth said. Knowing children bear their own nagging and help children repeat the same words over and over.

both candidates get up, eat, still before going out, sleep, parent's mouth is always saying "remember your goals, make or break," "to read the questions carefully and answer carefully, do not have any oversight, more points," talking to kids just want to escape from the House.

expert analysis: long-term excessive duplication, easier for parents forced symptoms: children nag, don't say sorry. Candidates also have a resentment, seeing parents annoying, see books to hide.

measures: encouraging words say it only once

Liu suggested that parents not only for our children to have confidence, you should understand how only a few months ' time, cramming for impossible to fundamentally change a child's achievement. After only objectively assess children's strengths, can, where appropriate, to guide children.

If parents can't resist, can be used instead of repeating words in other ways: such as words on paper, and said, listen to what children say about their troubles.

supervision and control

excessive interference in the child control comparable to the enemy

parent characteristics: these parents patience is anxious, temper. Most of them never went to College, or his dream did not come true, they unconsciously transfer their values to their children. Think you grip on child care, so always at the child's life, learning to intervene.

before the college entrance examination, if a child watching television or books, parents will inevitably angry, loud stop children or even snapped. And often open children's room, children have to study hard.

expert analysis: compared to the first two categories of parents, this kind of parental anxiety was most prominent. Their worry about excessive interference in the transfer to the child, so long, not only parental anxiety deepens, the enthusiasm of the children will suffer.

action: resolve psychological anxiety

such parents need mental resolve, preferably by talking with friends and family or in other ways, my anxiety is first release off. Then calmly talk with children, turning anxiety into understanding, into trust.

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