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Direct hit the college entrance exam this winter the most critical

Winter is coming. This winter, for the third day, high school students, their rare opportunities to relax, is the golden age of the last preparation for the college entrance examination. After the winter break, students must meet, the coming college entrance examination. How to use vacation time, also determines the students, the college entrance examination to. So, how to spend this holiday season? Senior education experts say candidates during the winter break, check missing trap to do the work, at the same time, seize the weak subjects quickly and improve performance and begin to adjust before the test.

develop learning plan serious leak filling

at the beginning of winter, it is recommended that students first develop a learning plan that fits your practical, when enacted, to act strictly in accordance with the plan. Do not take a long time to make a plan, and what he wants. And this learning plan, a master plan is to have holidays, including learning plans, plan to rest. Second is to have specific plans to review every day. While according to the test of time and limited sets of papers, improving the speed and accuracy of solving, exams at the same time, improve test taking skills.

combing the subjects pay close attention to weak subjects

just after the first semester of the senior school has completed the first round of review. Winter break, students take out papers during the review period, rearranging, and will be able to discover the weaknesses are. At this time, students can review their own weak points during the winter holidays again, take exercise, address the knowledge gaps.

vacation time is limited, to adhere to the "use time wisely", so winter study cram school "lame subjects", to strengthen the weak links analysis to see which branch did not test well, calm analysis-lost causes, judging the section is weak. If it is, you want to use vacation time, Supplement weak fundamentals, avoiding when tests "lame subjects".

attitude adjustment a degree of relaxation

in fact, this winter for students who are preparing for the University entrance exam, it is not easy. Therefore, students in ensuring the review at the same time, must adjust their mentality, a degree of relaxation. In addition, students of knowledge are not just limited to textbooks, and to establish links with political hot spots, so that in the winter time, you want to read more, accumulate, especially strong summing up the social issues of journals and newspapers, and so on.

however nervous, the essence of winter was a student the rest of the time, so students must study in striking an appropriate balance at the same time, relieve stress, adjust the physical and mental state. Can also carry out appropriate physical exercises, to maintain energy, in order to meet college entrance examination in the final sprint stage ready.

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