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Excessive pressure of primary and middle school students: adolescent depression can not be ignored

A few days ago, the National Bureau of investigation teams to 180 households in the area have students and families with preschool children were investigated, the results show that, more than half of primary and middle school students had psychological problems occurred because of too much pressure. In a series of psychological problems of adolescents, the most easily overlooked and easily lead to serious consequences, is the depression. Adolescent psychologist reminder: pay attention to early symptoms of depression, finding the reasons for depression and to develop children's confidence, family education is an integral part of the.

"every evening for me is the hardest, I don't want to do anything, nothing. I am annoying, annoying others and me, annoying contact with anyone, and if I can I want to lie in bed, nothing nothing to do with me...... "

for help there are anonymous young people like this, they found themselves in varying degrees of physical or mental have differentiated and peers. The figures of the National Bureau of investigation, nearly 50% students learn too much pressure at home occasionally or frequently appear on the resistance of parents; more than 40% students often rebellious nearly 30% students have withdrawn, apathy, lack of love and filial piety; there is even 5.6% of children running away from home. In the midst of these phenomena, pessimism, boredom, subject to environmental, fists even to loved ones, are considered characteristic of the early depression.

depression, autism, violence   attention to early symptoms of depression

research on adolescent psychology experts pointed out that several distinct manifestations of adolescent depression are backward, learning difficulties, alienated students, violence in the home.

"depression has not just not happy so simple," the experts for example said, many has depression tendencies of children are has foreign violence of performance, but General rarely is by found, because they implementation violence of object not students, and teacher, outsiders, but parents, and brothers sisters, and this a tendencies not only appeared in boys body, even was as sensible cute of girls also has occurred.

it is well known that adolescence is the age group with a high incidence of depression. This time, values, worldview in the form, there are worries in adolescent's ability to withstand pressure of responsibility, has not been strengthened before, these troubles are likely to develop into unexpected events, so parents and teachers to pay close attention.  

genetic differences between   adolescent rebellion and depression

at the time found that adolescent depression, early detection of the causes in order to solve the problem. Many parents depression mistaking it for adolescent rebellion, ignoring, not conducive to the growth of children's mental health.

researchers believe that adolescent rebellion and depression in some on the behavior of some similar, but its origin is completely different, is the main basis for distinction. Adolescent rebellion is often cranky, love against their parents, like cool, this is because of their sense of self begin to set, want to do things according to his will, when bound by the parents, will have a strong sense of hostility.

and youth depression and they of childhood experience is closely related to, early family in the of love deprived, and playing scolded, and abuse, and abandoned, and parents divorce, will to youth of childhood period left shadow, part children which produced depression symptoms; addition, youth psychological also not mature, more to performance for behavior of changes, easy stress provoked, and temper, often was parents errors thought is adolescent rebellious performance, not timely guide will will makes children of depression performance increasingly fierce.

let children participate actively in training confident attitude

causes of adolescent depression, psychological researchers, educators have coincidentally pointed out, neglected children, spoil is detrimental to the child's psychological development of reason. Spoiling children self-care skills are poor, and excessive abuse can make children hostility, rebellion, acts of violence.

so, the best way is to become friends with kids, lead them to actively participate in things, especially with respect to children interested in physical exercise, specialty classes, chores, etc, often given to children's behavior encouraging, developing their confidence, this is the most basic steps to prevent depression. Empty parents encouraging words and taboo, such as cookie-  "you're so smart" and "you are great" kind of thing, for children to build up your confidence, especially from the crisis in confidence does not help educators experience is: all things associated with the child and let them decide, handling all the details, this is the right approach.  

further reading

some daily habits can make children to adult depression

to watch TV for a long time   United States, a study showed that teenagers watch TV for too long, are more likely to suffer from depression as an adult. The University of Pittsburgh and researchers at institutions such as Harvard Medical School for more than 4,000 young people found after 7 years of follow-up, 308 of them patients with depression at a young age watching TV time 22 minutes a day on average than others. Researchers estimated that teenagers watch TV for 1 hour a day on average, grew up the edge of depression increases the likelihood of about 8%.

online time is too long or too short   of a study, published in the journal Pediatrics, said Internet access time is too long or too short can cause depression.

studies, Pierre   Andre   Michaud and his Switzerland with colleagues at the University of Lausanne, surveyed 7,200 young people between the ages of 16 to 20 years of Internet access.

Internet access for more than two hours a day is considered "heavy" Internet time "a few times a week" to "two hours a day" are considered "regular users". Studies have found that   "regular users" compared to excessive Internet use Internet use, and were more likely to be "depressed" or "very depressed".

boys, excessive use of the Internet and non-Internet users the possibility of depression scores higher than regular users around one-third. Excessive Internet use among girls 86% more likely to suffer from depression than normal users, not higher than regular users of Internet 46%.

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