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Study Guide: "rising early" studies seven ways

as the early 2012 rose slowly approaching, many parents began to get nervous, facing the entrance ways do not know what to do. According to this phenomenon, the authors summarized in detail here "rose" studies seven ways, hope to help parents navigate through.   "Rose" careers there are seven main ways:  

1, push is provided by primary schools in the District Board based on the comprehensive quality assessment recommended excellent graduates, by the County Board of education is responsible for their implementation. "Push" has a variety of standards: students ' physical quality and overall quality, student, student and academic achievement, student elected by the school that meets these criteria, recommend to key middle school.  

2, students major in science and technology, arts, sports, three aspects outstanding, obtained in a study a year earlier, the corresponding game, contest the position to obtain the certificate, after the County Board of education specialty accreditation, participate in the test, which was admitted to the focus or the traditional program. An entrance way to students early is a small rise in recent years, many parents think it is to enter the prestigious shortcut. In fact, at the beginning of junior high school, the specialist is undoubtedly the most efficient, but also the most insecure. Expertise is in itself a child's interests more than their peers, but if forced to study only a certain type of expertise, will have some negative effect on children.  

3, build refers to the number of units signed a construction agreement with a number of high quality primary and secondary schools each year to the immediate children of the staff of certain places. Initial build requirements are relatively high, but in the "up" after the allocation of places by computer, which is alienation as a school of the privileged. In order to enjoy this privilege, and focus on school more and more unit established to build a relationship. Due to the building's strong financial position, can give the school-sponsored, and use it as an employee benefit. So build a gradual alienation into the "collective", which reflects a great deal of injustice in the education process.  

4, accommodation is intended for accommodation in qualifying school, meaning that accommodation, eligible schools can stay on behalf of the independent recruitment because students, so it is not subject to status and residence restriction.  

5, here are some key high schools closed, opaque, but very effective early junior high entrance exams. Key middle school, through their own training or with a joint training course or authorizes an agency to do training courses or don't do training courses form a way of selecting students for regular examinations. Because of the particularity of the point enrollment information, almost all of the schools and parents for this information is confidential. At the point enrollment, mathematics is the most important, followed by the English. Lectures and exams is difficult, is truly selective, so most will be eliminated, the more well-known higher high school dropout rate.  

6, the allocation of places by computer means dicing entrance entirely by computer balloting completed, from the formal point of view is one of the most fair and equitable way of further studies. In General, the early allocation of places by computer is a small rise in Beijing last way training school, students are choosing the big allocation failed or no school choice students, aim is to ensure every child can go to school. There is a gap due to the quality of teaching, most parents still want their children to good schools, relatively passive acceptance, parents are more likely to take the initiative.  

7, pit is in a variety of target training courses in a number of secondary schools, because these courses are almost always linked to high school, learn to select good quality children in these courses, so very important, especially the results of every test, can't go out from the pit in the future into his ideal middle school is the key. But training school has advantages and disadvantages, so parents must keep their eyes open on selection. Overall, rose early options has advantages and disadvantages, the parents should be based on the personal characteristics of the children choose the right way, and began to prepare in advance in order to choose the ideal school.  

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