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Preparing for the third midterm "fill" on these three classes

with mid-term exams approaching, as the first of the new term "final exam", teacher, student, parents are very important in this examination, it is also invisible to the students a great deal of pressure. In fact, no matter what the exam learning outcomes are just right for a period before the test, students and parents don't have to too much emphasis on test scores. As long as the students are able to do from exams to check trapping deficiency, lack are aware of their own learning and learning in the future as much as improved, achieve the purpose of examination.

recently, the reporter interviewed 52 middle school teacher Zhang Junsheng in Changchun. Has years teaching experience of Zhang teacher knows at parents and students heart of anxiety, Zhang teacher admits, first times midterm on each students for is is important, this will on students next a time of learning provides a direction, but while, from tests also has half of time, students and parents also without put this midterm see of too had important, so as not to to students had big of psychological pressure.

combined with years of experience in teaching theory and practice, teachers provide students and parents with three suggestions, let students learn over the next period of time is better. Key subjects losing seriously   children need "fill" knowledge first-hand review every piece of paper are actually students information, preparing for the mid-term examination should start with students monthly exam, find lost questions, reviews, fill gaps in learning links. Students to accurately review our deficiencies in each subject, make up for weakness, scores to rise faster. Also, regardless of whether your midterm ideal, all need to buck up, to participate in the next stage of learning. Students can also communicate with the teacher, precisely for their preliminary "position" and learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

remember that learning is the most important at this stage. Regular test play a disorder   children "fill" mentality many students grades are always near the top, but always play a disorder in the examination room. These students needed in test taking skills, such as familiarity, cat form, and how best to allocate time for the papers the last few questions more effort. Meanwhile, to enhance students ' confidence. Students and parents should not take an exam score too, insufficient analysis of papers with more development and improvements in a timely manner. After change their attitude, students should be ready in the next phase of the study, after all children face more important exams. Parents, schools, information asymmetry   children need "Supplement" parents to communicate should not be completely handed over to the school to teach and guide students, but teachers and students work together. Keeping can home-school communication for both sides to understand the child in time to correct the problem, urging children to learn and live.

Zhang suggested that parents can periodically get in touch with your child's teacher, it can quickly solve the child's learning problem, for their confidence, to set targets to help them find the right method, in the mid-term examination satisfactorily.  

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