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School District why parents are so anxious

in recent years, parents have gone from "optional primary school" for "optional kindergarten", causing a "sky-high" kindergarten appeared, "the starting line" and "young" has a large section. A school district building forum, for advice from a parent posting: her child just turned 1 years old, suffering from congenital heart disease cannot be entered independent recruitment good kindergarten, Howe roll 4.5 million for their counterparts in good school districts in kindergarten room, and thread users have ideas, no different on this phenomenon. Information analyst, said a growing number of families, in the "kids" idea, hope entered the school from low grade.

now good kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school became focused on grade in school districts. On one hand, with the reform of the education system, the focus of most high school was separated from the junior Department, no opportunity for a helicopter, pure high school the focus of the school is not in accordance with the school district account directly to school; the other hand, parents are taken into account, if their child enrolled junior middle school is a middle school, high school after entering the school, grades will not keep up, but poor results. Thus, school districts are "young" or "lower" direction. Professionals say that in education resources are not yet balanced reality, parents make all the choices are guided by the competition for scarce resources.

"any a parents by made of education select are is in currently education system, and education environment Xia made of, not change currently of education system, and education environment, in turn requirements parents rational, is hard made effect of, these years, education sector or, media or, repeatedly in do parents of thought work, hope parents don't has excessive of school complex, don't on students pulling, and ultimately is education resources not balanced. Parents want their children to get into a good education environment and receive a better education in order to become more competitive in the future, if running between schools, teachers have a large gap, parents will try every way to get their children into a good school. " 

many years ago, the selection of primary school and junior high school enrollment is still in place, busy parents put kids in a variety of training courses, disease for many years kept in math class; the "enrolled" era, no balance compatible with the educational resources, school district phenomenon was inevitable. In recent years, intense competition for educational resources lies not only in the scarcity of the resource itself, but also rising social recognition for academic qualifications.

after ten years of "useless knowledge", knowledge of Chinese people pay homage to the other extreme, a person's level of education is often directly related to his acceptance. "Students participate in college entrance examination was admitted to a good University, or enter a General University, didn't even go to College, he should receive an equal treatment in the future, rather than a degree of discrimination. "Experts stressed that" the issue is not resolved, leading everyone crowded entrance this way, high school, middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, are closely around the child through entering a good University to prepare for the college entrance examination in the future, college entrance examination that some kindergartens have been dealing with the subject. In such a system, the fight for good education resources accounted for competitive advantage. "  The fierce competition for educational resources related to employment, social welfare, and many other aspects.

experts say "both at home and abroad, school students access to more resources, this is the law of unity all over the world. Problem in where? Even if a student does not brand-name universities abroad, employment than poor schools, but he has a basic income guarantee, the gap is not too big. United States students go to Harvard and the competition is fierce, but he will not go to Yale Harvard as his only choice, because no matter what his society, his welfare is not very different. Abroad rarely get into a particular industry social welfare is much higher than the others, while in China the situation is more clear. Social equality and individual income gap at a reasonable range, which is the key to solve the competitive core of educational resources. ”

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