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Ministry of education reminded examinees and their parents: in September to focus on three things

brilliant idea, September was a relatively quiet time: end of 2011 college admission, college entrance examination in 2012 there is no information. Recently, the Ministry of education in "sunshine college enrollment information platform" to remind candidates and parents concerned about three things. Focus on retro reminded the Ministry of education in higher vocational colleges, vocational retro is a 2011 candidate in the Planning Commission College last chance had not yet admitted candidates should be watched.

according to Hubei Province Busters admitted schedule, September 18-21st, the school to put didn't on time report of candidates information submitted province manages, Hubei Province on admitted candidates not report and empty out of high vocational designed admissions plans for fill recorded, September 22 province manages will need fill recorded of school and plans through Hubei admissions information network to social announced, September 22-23rd candidates filled fill recorded collection volunteer. Retro-does not fall, who reach the lot lines, not admitted at the regular admission student could complete retro-call for volunteers to attend retro.

students collect entrance examination information for a new high school seniors and their parents, and although the 2012 exam information is not published, but can collect information related to college entrance examination 2011: entrance policy, all colleges and universities in the province's admission, University independent recruitment information. Students and parents can log on the University website, so as to be prepared for. Air force cadets will be launched this year, more than 800 more than high school graduates to become air force pilots. Those high school graduates were admitted to air force cadets ready since last September, through layers of singles, eventually emerge as winners from a list of more than 300,000 students. It is reported that the high school student recruitment-oriented work of the air force General in late September early October. Candidates wishing to apply for air force pilots in the schools concerned call for entries. According to air force cadets work plan next year will still be in the country's 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) for recruitment of students in more than 10,000 schools, the selection is divided into primary, check, choose three stages, to end by July 2012.

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