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Kindergarten to preschool?

"Kindergarten didn't attend preschool will not keep up with the primary school curriculum", parents of preschool tangle. Preschool institutions and experts say, the objective is not to let the children learn the primary school curriculum of preschool, but to foster good study habits and abilities, these kindergarten and their parents can do.

"kindergarten" to attend preschool?

many parents believe that preschool classes help children develop good study habits, meet the demand of primary school in advance.

preschool perspective:

1 and preschool is rooted in "score child"

for parents to "choose from kindergarten or preschool" problems of confusion, reporters interviewed several prominent heads of kindergartens and primary schools, they say, early access to learning not only fail to help children adapt to primary school life, it will affect their learning interest and learning style. More pointed out, those who think that "didn't attend preschool with children not in primary school teaching schedule, perform as well on preschool children" point of view, the root cause is just score the child.

school readiness: reads books with kids per night

some ways parents can prepare for the child, such as prolonged child sitting time, starting from the summer with their children every night for 20 minutes outside the book, child sleep habits, let the kids do something, increasing sense of knowledge, such as back songs, but there is no need to strengthen.

parents should prepare

children to school is for parents to learn the process, does not mean that children in elementary school can breathe easy. Children can develop a habit of depending on the support of parents in many ways, so parents first prepared. From the perspective of reality, many parents lack of psychological preparation.

2 said, and kindergarten: CEO phonetic stress perception

Fan Peifen, chongwen district, the third kindergarten

in kindergarten, there will be a lot of content preparation for kindergarten, such as to give children some more purposeful task, let them finish, cultivating self-care ability; language, mathematics, art and other subjects, such as addition and subtraction is less than 20, Hanyu Pinyin, and but we don't emphasize spelling, but stressed that perception.

characteristics of parents to respect their children's age, not because of external environment affect the child. For a child, early access to learning, will affect their interests, study habits, prematurely to the body control, limit, or detrimental to the healthy physical development, and preschool children more passive acceptance, lack of initiative to explore space.  

3, the school said first grade learning is secondary

Chen Yumei, historian primary school head teacher

all public elementary courses are conducted in accordance with the progress of teaching, not because the children had learned which change in preschool. In first grade, learning is secondary, let the child to develop good habits of the most important.

some parents Shang preschool is worried primary school entrance exam, actually many school in entrance exam Shi, focus not see children recognize how many Word, but study children of capacity, as put taught origami of video, let children origami, test hands-on capacity and focused capacity; listening to recording let children retelling, study children of attention; graffiti is is see children of accuracy, spell jigsaw puzzle study children of cognitive capacity.

4, early learning leads to "half-cooked rice"

Bai Shulan, chongwen primary school

on the crux of the matter lies not in whether the preschool, but in kindergarten, the children what to do to prepare for it. Knowledge of these preparations should not be prepared in advance, but should also include habits, adaptation, learning styles, methods and so on.

If a kindergarten principal is preparation of knowledge, then in the first grade of primary school teaching, even taking into account teaching, children will be caused because they believe that they have learned "half-cooked rice" situation. Many parents think that children didn't attend preschool and elementary school not teaching progress, perform as well on preschool children, simply due to the only score the child.

preschools survey

in May-June, preschool enrollment, parents enrolled in the peak, according to the survey conducted by the newspaper, more than half of the respondents have children or plan to go to preschool. Despite the express request of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission to cancel the primary school attached to the preschool, preschool institutions and experts said, preschool is not conducive to children's development in the long term, but there is still a large part of the parents "tangled" to not attend preschool.

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