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Exam tips: what three symptoms resolved

Three symptoms are often reminiscent of college entrance examination failed college entrance examination of the scene, fearing disorders play test less than ideal institution. Below introduce how to solve this big three symptoms.

what, anxiety disorders play

symptoms: often reminiscent of failed transfer test scenario, fearing disorders play test less than ideal institution.

Tips: this psychological instability of the students in a common cause of this psychology is unable to fully grasp the knowledge structure, there are knowledge gaps. There is this fear of candidates suggested the following attempt:

first, to be sure, not because one of the exam did not reach their intended target and a complete denial of their own, according to their good results encourage yourself, don't give up, keep your specialty in the study, further developing it.

Secondly, the college entrance exams don't expect extraordinary play towards the normal level.

again, to have confidence in yourself, weaken the common grades, pay more attention to basics, don't be too demanding on yourself, just try your best good.

in addition, recalled his merits and exam success, getting up in the morning, immediately suggested she happy, confident, appropriate to communicate with students, parents, and to relax.

Second, fear of sleep before a test run

symptoms: fear party sleep before a test, examinations of the effects the next day.

Tips: it is important to note, the potential is large, even a sleepless night, if you are in a relaxed state of mind to face stressful tests the next day, there will be no big problem. Candidates do not Zoom effect of sleep on the exam and get them into a more nervous state. Sleep before the exam, it is best not take sleeping pills.

the last night before the exam, should go to bed at the usual time schedule. Don't get to bed too early, trying to get enough sleep and rest, this actually means has begun to worry about the next day's exam. But if you stay up too late, also lost a few hours of precious time off. 11 points to 3 o'clock in the morning in the evening are the best time to fall into a deep sleep, should be seized.

as a result of sleep and irritable, try inducing sleep.

method one: go to bed the lights, lie down and lay on his back, take a relaxing deep breath, then exhaled out of the Lentos.

method two: lay down to bed, do not have to deliberately fall asleep your unconscious. First of all to tell myself, cramming more harm than good, sleep is necessary; don't focus too much on sleep, can try to find some easy things hinted he would successfully take exams. You can imagine seems to float on the water and tell myself I'm very comfortable, and soon fall asleep.

can also try listening to music with self hypnosis.

dizziness, tinnitus before the three-test ban

symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, imagine before an exam, cold sweats and other symptoms.

Tips: If you are too nervous before the exam, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, amnesia, fantasy, heart palpitations, sweating and other symptoms, it is necessary to temporarily put down the book, do some relaxation exercises to reduce until the Elimination of the adverse reaction. Specific method is:

relaxed, sitting on a soft Chair, foot support, his arms down, his eyes slightly, take a deep breath for 10 times.

If the conditions can also choose some light soothing music as background music to help relieve tension and anxiety.

before going into the room, still tense, you can take a few deep breaths, stretching limbs, sing a few songs, or would like to make myself happy, but can also participate in the students laugh and talk in a low voice, so as to dilute the tension.

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