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Test pressure from parents before the start

Exam Prep in final stages, under the great pressure of exams, candidates not only nervous, sometimes because of the uniqueness of the child, parents can not help but to all expectation all focused on children, causing pressure on the child. Psychology Teachers reminds parents, parents put their attitude at this time, with their children in the face.

parents should encourage

fluctuation of learning achievement, inner restlessness can make children learn, to lose faith in exam. Parents are their children's spiritual teacher, to encourage the children to help children. First of all, make children aware of their strengths, to build confidence, telling his normal playing level no problem. Secondly you can make with kids sports, build confidence in the process, relax. Finally, how to say some words of encouragement.

pressure from parents

have a different mood to the same thing, because of the different understandings of the same thing, different, know different. "Half a glass of water" story: two children exercise in the open air dormitory, see half a glass of water on the table, optimistic children will say: "Wow, that's good, and half a cup of water. "The pessimistic child said:" Oh, only half a glass of water. "People that induced incident led directly to the person's mood and behavior, and what had happened what had caused emotional experience. However, have found the same thing to different people, it will cause different emotional experiences. Are exam results two people did not do a good job. A person doesn't matter, while the other was inconsolable. Stress the essence of cognition is to blame, therefore, the real causes of stress are based on their own. Parents want relief, first began looking for reasons.

parents should have a positive attitude

Let the child know that parents supported his, do not use pressing attitude and his "talking", not necessarily to speak forced child, just silently with his, and give your child confidence and free space, and want our children to have a positive mental attitude, parents should lead by example, to children. A pair of good mood, cheerful and optimistic parents, has a crucial influence on a child's life, it is the wealth of the child's life, this also illustrates the role of positive State of mind. Exam how to vacuum, Fan Tiewei gives a few suggestions:

1. don't focus. Some parents, upon examination, home TV off, walk also crept up ... ... This carefully so that children feel nervous. Children should be to create a relaxed, natural, pleasant family atmosphere. If too much attention is often counterproductive. 2. do not encourage children to go to bed early. Some children used to bed at 11 o'clock at night, insisted he went to bed at 9 o'clock, violating the biological clock, but children with insomnia.

3. No specialization. Once the candidate, the whole family has a different atmosphere, parents often give their children said, "you just need to study hard, concentrate on the review, the other I. "Excessive caution, contrasts with the past life, it would increase the child's psychological pressure.

there are multiple kinds of discomfort when students at the approach of the test, such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, headaches, etc. Everyone's opinion, psychology is different, varying degrees of tension, if you are too nervous or too much pressure, it will seriously affect the final critical period of learning.

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