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Early rose parent problems summarized the interview

1 respond truthfully and children's shortcomings: not all little bit part, learn to play like the applet takes time, obsessed with reading takes a lot of time, like waste time sports such as basketball, participate in class activities (class leader, etc).

2, showing children's benefits: not to mention on the certificate, said other certificate does not reflect it, such as smart, sunny, self-confident, healthy, strong personality, honor your father and mother, loving. Fascinated by the military, like insects, and so on. Friends, love inventions.

3, and principal asked other with school of students than Hello of you to big added praised and worship, description you know he, wants to over he, than you weak of to praised he excellent, just this no play good he real level, also is is good of (General asked of students not poor), avoid said family bad, description you mentality good character good, principal is through it test you parents of mentality and character, also on know children of character, ended up character bad on trouble has.

4, and principal asked why select we school, can said through friends of children learning understand has you school, you school also is for we of children; can said to children select ' for he of school ' is we school choice of reasons, can said we do parents is from you school graduated of has feelings; children of cousin or cousin is from you school graduated, now admitted to a brand University or in well-known enterprise work. Don't try not yet, waiting, listening to others speak to, or with the others to see.

5, if you signed up, you have to sign (but you must be prepared before), sign-home plan. Not to keep up appearances, think again, the headmaster more disgusted!

6, if you check the don't come, already has signed other better suited to your child's school, euphemism for a text message as soon as possible, thanks! because my family who disagree. Never drag!

7, don't get carried away after signing, and quickly learn, prepare for its examinations, traveling light, don't go around saying you sign up, or detrimental to the child, generally do not tell the child, let her know that a little bit, if the test well will pay her efforts continue to learn, to know the last 3 months to study and relaxation will vary greatly. General employment continue learning knowledge integrity, while maintaining a good attitude, without signing which teacher to tutor or superstition, not relax because of the sign.

8, do not comment on any you get the bad game, said the game is not good, otherwise the President think you guilty, asked you a test does not test well, don't stress subjective reasons such as cold, sick, but did not play well, is a waste of time because of the complex question, we also feel strange, he was baffled, as never before.

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