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Young small interview: thinking skills is more important than knowledge

2 glass ball an Apple and a PEAR is equal to 11, with 1 PEAR 3 glass balls, 1 Apple a few glass ball?

Xiao ming has 3 children in front, followed by 4 children, a total of how many children?

Please use the 7 stick, make 2 squares and 3 triangular pattern, respectively.

elephant classes in small animals, rabbits do little monkey in the chat with bear, sheep sit with legs crossed, asking who's doing in class?

children sitting in their seats listening to the 15 minutes the story of 12 animals, then the teacher let in kids answers the question: why mice are so small in the first?

children learned English in kindergarten, the teacher will let you arrange letter cards, counting in English and colors in English.

there are common sense issues, such as parents do what kind of work? Parent's phone number? If someone in the House was sick to do? What if your House is burning? Total number of months in a year? What season is it now?

as the "young small" entrance to shut down the interview, enthusiastic parents through their children's memories, drying up the primary interview questions on the Internet. Chinese, mathematics, English, physical education, art, basic information, and so on, is most parents survey summary content.

because you cannot follow the children into "exam", parents had to interview success through a child reported to judge for themselves whether or not, there are mixed emotions. Parents of users of the e-forum records: "the boy said she saw the teacher, the first question (mental) is 20 minutes, 10 points behind, not empty, final score 90 points. Kids ask me, I think each question correctly, is not a perfect score is 90 min Ah? I say yes, you have is perfect. Knowing not demanding, children Act has been very good, but a bit uncomfortable, the child about what went wrong? Alas, like kids Kindergarten errors I had this mentality, three years later, unchanged, when can we cool it? ”

"children really not easy, got enough, catch up with the University. "Perhaps the parents for their children every step paid too much attention, and may indeed be the entrance interview adult staggering breadth, depth, it's no wonder parents after the child's primary school admission notice, issued a" no matter what, finally, ' shore ' "sigh.

thinking ability than knowledge

"the Board explicitly entering primary school enrollment enrolled in kindergarten, so we're not going to write exam items. "Jingtai county primary school principal Chen peirong, Dongcheng District, told reporters that because of the large number of students this year, students enrolled in the met's demands, others only by way of preferential admissions. Although parents complain, but this is a reality that cannot be changed. "Those not admitted the child was not bad, just in the environment, relatively compared to other kids, at the pre-school level slightly has is short. "School for the preferred position is through interviews the students ' level of preschool education, ability and habit of thinking.

specifically, the entrance interview for visits mainly focused on mathematics thinking ability, but the criterion is not the child for teachers to answer the questions correctly, and more importantly its under the inspiration of teachers going to independent thinking. Secondly, the admissions interview is to understand the situation of pre-school children. Interview teachers through exchanges with children, such as asking where, what do parents do work, many seasons in a year, parents and children's birthdays and other simple content, watch their language ability. Third, the interview process is a process of nature show the child lives, habits. As attention is focused on, if I can have the habit of listening to.

it is worth mentioning that, interviews and questions focus on change schools each year. The main reason is not deliberately, but because today's children receive pre-school education is very good. After taking children and parents to "talk" and tried several questions, each question what are the content and so on. Even schools held on the day of the interview, after the first students walked out of the room, behind candidates can immediately understand that schools test questions. Schools had to based on the annual topic again, and adjust it in the exam.

"we did not examine the child how much knowledge learned in pre-school education, after all, some kindergartens only is subject to intellectual development, rather than knowledge transfer. "President Chen stressed, the most important is to see the child teacher's Guide, can to effective thinking. If elementary school you get, such as spelling and arithmetic elementary school, which is the future of early childhood education as a direct result.

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