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Entrance counseling: what parents should do something

Combative high school seniors come to next semester. Review each section of intense rhythm, bombardment of large and small test, or fulfilled or poor grades, so many students feel more tired. If not one of children actually learned some parents may be lost. So, it's time for action! In this battle, the child is Lord, and you, are consultants, is providing advice, logistical, is accompanying the children grow up hard and happy harvest Sidekick. We advise parents to cooperate in the following areas.

first, know your enemy, victorious

parents should take the initiative to learn, with the planning, organization and activities of the school. First, through a series of tests organized, systematic knowledge of the reserves and the accumulation of experience of examinations. Secondly, the hundred days of school by the end of February Sprint senior high adult ceremony and early May series of theme activities for students to ease the psychological pressure, mood, morale and will to fight, to cope better with the upcoming college entrance exam (micro-blog). In addition, the end of May, independent review school will suspend classes for students, teachers and individual questions, find deficiencies.

Second, contempt on the strategic and tactical importance

first of all, with a common heart every mock exam and exam results. Parents with their pleasant emotions, peace of mind to influence and adjust the child's State of mind. Mock exam is designed to let students find missing trap, parents should focus mainly on children exposed in the examination of issues and guide the child in time to find a solution to the problems and methods, which allow simulation of the test play accumulation exam experiences, sharpen will role, won an important magic weapon of the college entrance examination.

Secondly, assist children to develop a suitable for your child's learning plan. This program not only includes the daily schedule, the section's own, including follow the teacher to review the progress of, and should also include periodic collection and summary. College entrance examination is a constant challenge, so the parents to accompany their children to persistence and perseverance perseverance to complete daily plan to witness children step by step to a successful end.

third, combined with good rest and moderate exercise. Work and rest to keep the child in the study of highly concentrated attention. So, on the one hand no need to deliberately play for children of parents spared no efforts preparing for the college entrance examination services role, on the other hand the child and there is no need to give up the original bear housework such as cleaning. In addition, proper physical exercise can improve brain hypoxia caused by a long time to learn.

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