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Third day: prepare for the exam must first change their attitude

End of the Spring Festival, in the face of the new term to come, many child mental fatigue, inability to concentrate, such as is the case, even some stomach upset, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. Spring syndrome is not much of a problem, but how to adjust their body and mind, as soon as possible to study, is particularly important for junior children. 2012 exam last for more than 100 days away, is different in previous years, this year's exam 2 days in advance. At the beginning of the new semester, students change their attitude, Xu puts forward some suggestions.

attitude adjustment, attach importance to

junior class, a lot of times is mainly to review. What is the status of the students most likely to, but it is prone to do. This time, people in different grades need different methods of attitude adjustment, only put a can move from the inside; in addition, a reasonable amount of time planning more important than blindly learning and efficient learning methods in order to achieve the final victory; basis for learning is simple, but it's the deepest most essential. Called the same. All the important and difficult sources is based. So in planning the learning process, consolidate and summarized can steadily improve.

check missing trap, habit

first, recalled that Combs last term, in ordinary tests, students can quickly find their weaknesses, charge added that the comprehensive analysis of each question, knowledge points, down to form its own set of review the main points; second, error points. Form "error collection", wrong topic, usually their vulnerability points at this stage, after careful analysis, this must be part of the knowledge, and review memory. Of course, take time to adjust the learning plan and the subject of perception, develop an appropriate learning plan, do check short of trapping and crossed for the new term.

pay attention to efficiency, happiness

went into the third day, exam is around the corner. Many students normally take exam results are not ideal, is often due to relax away from the test, selective tests near giving up. After the winter break, junior school life must race against time and time allocation is also particularly important. While questions do make sperm problems.

the teacher student learning problems, should be entertaining, some problems, and error-prone point into a little formula to enable the students to memory. With original games, happy thinking training to help students consolidate the basis of. As a result, students have a strong self-confidence, there is a great deal of happiness, there is a very subtle way of learning, of course, progress is also self-evident. We believe that progress, learning, of course, happy!

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