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Jiangsu Province will be the pilot "go" into the second university study

This year, Jiangsu Province will pilot "subparagraph vocational and undergraduate training", "vocational and undergraduate training." Nanjing higher vocational and technical schools, and secondary school, Nanjing engineering higher school became one of the first pilot high schools, 3 school students through the "go" exam may go into the corresponding pilot the two universities--the Nanjing Jinling Institute of technology and Nanjing Xiaozhuang College.

previously, students in high vocational school "go" examination can only enter the study run by the three institutions, lack of access to the two institutions. Recently, the provincial education Department issued the 2012 modern vocational education system in Jiangsu Province construction pilot implementation of the programme of work. If the pilot is successful, in Jiangsu Province, other high schools and two universities towards this model.

it is understood that "subparagraph vocational and undergraduate training" project of undergraduate admissions into "go", the examination included 3 which English exam required to take exams in the province, two other related professional examinations organized by the University.


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