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Last year, Jiangsu 4,631 high-level overseas record

Learned from the Jiangsu provincial Department of human resources and social security, released last year, Jiangsu Province returned 4,631, 30.6% over the 2010, the introduction of record number.  

it is understood that all 13 cities only a few positive growth, introduction of overseas students as much as 1084, Suzhou city, which has a master's degree-level talents of 3245 persons, total 70%, 1068 people with doctoral degrees. 39 people last year in the province selected countries the "thousand person plan", in which 20 people, Suzhou, and similar cities in China far ahead. Last year saw the introduction of study abroad are concentrated in southern, Central 8 city along the Yangtze River, introduced in the province account for 96.8%.  


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