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Nanjing high school diversity education "ice"

Recently, Nanjing gaochun lakeside high school 46 high school students as they choose to study in gaochun County secondary school, high school students choose speaciality education system of the vocational education in Nanjing has started to become a reality.

"this speaciality marks substantive Nanjing school diversity characteristics of development of education a step further. "Nanjing municipal education Bureau Director Wu Xiaomao, the" Nanjing popularization education in high school on the basis of specifications of talents training mode. ”

last year, are listed as normal high school variety, Nanjing school reform one of the pilot areas. Nanjing then announced that it would invest 200 million yuan in the next 10 years focused on building "comprehensive reform in senior high school", "innovative high school" and "speaciality high school" and "international" 4 modes, such as ordinary high school, focusing on school diversity characteristics of development projects. Which, "integrated reform high school" to training based generous, and full development of students for basic target; "subject innovation high school" requirements school in mathematical, and Humanities, and technology, and sports, and art, aspects formed obviously of subject advantage; "international high school" is is to accepted foreign students and carried out international courses teaching mainly; and the gaochun lakeside high school and vocational school for of fusion education is "general vocational facility high school" of pilot of specific reflected, this class high school stressed fusion studies prepared education and career skills education. Currently, "general vocational facility high school" project attract has including lakeside high school, and manufacturers high school, and line know experiment middle school, more by school declared, Nanjing City Bureau in the taught at head are said, "general vocational facility high school" will formed multiple select of courses system, and flexible diverse of teaching management and rich effectiveness of employment Guide, this class high school can and career class school cooperation running, implemented student flow and credits mutual recognize.

"in fact, Nanjing speaciality high school has three levels. "City Department in charge:" first, pugaokai, infiltration of vocational education for vocational courses; the second is if there are students interested in vocational education, vocational school or through mutual recognition of credits to; third high school and vocational school students each school into high school or vocational school to complete their education. ”

it is understood that the Lakeview high school by gaochun ceramics Court, Buke mouth eco-eco-agricultural science and Technology Park and other economy carriers, providing various vocational education experience for students and gaochun County secondary school is a secondary vocational schools in Jiangsu Province, four star, high quality, in recent years, a number of students receive national skills competition gold medal. Gaochun County Education Bureau official said, Lake Shore senior high school and gaochun school jointly speaciality test not only because of school location closer to, more important is the recognition of the reforms of the two school teachers and students.

"these kids have a more long-term plan for his future, after their return to school, motivation and stamina more. "Lakeside introduced gaozhongxiajiyun, speaciality schools test student career planning guide is set up in the Center, some of the 46 students scored well, due to their interests and plan for the future and also chose to enter the gaochun secondary school learning.

"we speaciality reform through this no traffic lights, both university students career awareness, and training students ' practical ability for the General. In particular, many students with career planning early awareness that helps all their lives. "Gaochun County Education Bureau official. "Future vocational school students who are interested to study in high school, and formed a two-way flow. ”

"diversification of high school reform is actually over the past decade, high school education, I become extension of the overpass. "Nanjing City Bureau Secretary Wu Xiaomao said," this items reform in national is innovation sex of, Nanjing of high school diversification development roughly points four class, but is not to on all high school for again points Melchizedek, we reform of purpose is encourages the high school active multiple experiment, diverse features development for students provides diversification of career planning, fundamental is let high school education for students of diverse talent provides more suitable sex of service. " 


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