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Key middle school in Suzhou high school recommended qualification competition

Suzhou Suzhou high school district junior high school, provide indexes (Su Gaozhong), the indicators recommended, up to the junior high school was admitted to Su Gaozhong directly. China Suzhou District Junior high school education online sort the 2011 recommended places for parents ' reference, rational choice.

urban junior high school: the top three priorities recommended to sue high school junior high school: up to secondary school 14; pingjiang secondary school 9; 8 caoqiao secondary schools;

high-tech zone of junior high school: top three priorities recommended to sue high school junior high school: district 8; 8 in zone II; new district experimental 6;

industrial park junior high school: in the park for a 9; Xinghai experiment 7; star in 10 secondary schools and parks, Wei ting secondary school side by side 4;

from the data presented above to the following:

first, the Suzhou high school (Su Gaozhong) most recommended quota is up to secondary school. This is to be expected, which many parents want to spare no one reason for the choice of secondary schools. However, reminded parents, indicators, requirements are very stringent, requirements the requirements of comprehensive quality of students ' grades and is also very high, not many places, the competition is pretty fierce. So if parents are running the quota to several indicators, or to seriously consider all aspects of the development of the child is the primary consideration in choosing school.

Second, the high-tech zone in most places were I and II. Parents should be the default is that the new experiment is new better middle school, however, editing to remind parents that new district experimental high school places for themselves, it is recommended to Su Gaozhong corresponding reduces.

third, the industrial park, Star middle school is relatively the most Su Gaozhong favorite. But and Su Gaozhong stars high school's own high school compete, so places are relatively small.

in General, the early rose parent choice, consider a wide range of issues, mere Su Gaozhong recommended quota is not comprehensive. 2012 Canadian junior high parents early in the school of their choice at the same time, more focus on ability, suitability of the children targeted schools, children like this school, distance, and so on. Hope 2012 Suzhou early rose parent can school choice success, achieving satisfactory results.

junior high school places in the urban area detail: 1   Cao Qiao 1   in a new experimental school, Suzhou 8   Zhenhua middle school in Suzhou city 5   State secondary zone 3   12th school Tin Ka Ping 4   Suzhou, Suzhou pingjiang experimental middle school 3   middle school 3   16th 6   in Suzhou, Suzhou city 20 secondary 2 Suzhou City fan 6 3 Suzhou in Suzhou in the 24th 2 26 30 4 3 xujiang experimental school in Suzhou, CAI Xiang Nan Huan middle school, 6   middle school, junior high school 3   3   4   MI du middle school in Suzhou city, a branch 5   caoqiao secondary school 8    International language school 3   secondary 14 pingjiang secondary school 9

high-tech zone middle school places in detail: xuguan secondary experimental school of 4   University 1   Tiger experimental middle school experimental school in new 3   II 8   2   Yang Xin Qu Suzhou foreign languages 8   2   3   dongzhu middle school Lake middle school 2 &Nbsp;  Tong an 5   new experiment in middle school 6

industrial park junior high school places in detail: Star star Bay school 2   schools in 4   Park 9   Park v (Tang) in 3   Park, seven (Xie Tang) 2   4   Park weiting schools in six (Katsuura) 2   loufeng school 2   Xinghai experimental 7   Lotus 2   in zone VIII (square) 2   4   experimental school of Wenchang in the Park, 10 4


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