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University of science and technology of Suzhou 2012 music class enrollment

University of science and technology of Suzhou 2012 enrollment School of music describes the music class

School of music was founded in 1989, more than 20 years of school history, has formed a complete curriculum, reasonable professional and mature education teaching mode. Existing professional and 28 teachers, including 5 professors, 9 associate professors, and lecturers, 13. Teachers are from the Shanghai Conservatory, China Central Conservatory of music, the school of music and other art institutions. In addition, hired min huifen, Zhao Xiaosheng, Zhang Chou, Dai Dingcheng, Zhao Jiazi and other well-known experts as an adjunct professor.

College now has a regional music of southern Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City Arts and culture Institute, Shek Wu Opera music institutions such as the social group. Digital Music Lab advanced equipment, leading universities of its kind at present levels.

College in 2007 by the Ministry of education at 44 universities undergraduate course teaching of music by one of the pilot schools. For years, colleges in terms of teaching and research is fruitful. Each year, dozens of academic papers in various journals and publish national core journals, and published a number of books and audio-visual materials; teacher of music works won the gold medal in the national competition; at the central broadcasting station, China Radio International, provincial and municipal TV stations and foreign television stations have broadcast. In terms of academic exchange, Conservatory of music organization, respectively, to take the "Wu Zhongqin--international dapu seminar on Chinese piano studies", "national symposium on music theory and composition" and "local music Symposium on arts and culture in southern Jiangsu,"  , "" ' flow ' and ' variable ' global interpretations of local music resource--in the view of ethnomusicology Forum in Taiwan "and other high-level conferences. Organizations participated with Germany, and France, and Japan, and Russia and other countries of artistic exchanges between professional bodies; we received dozens of Su traveling friends and friends all over the world. Also took part in provincial and municipal organizations of literary competitions, and has won the top prize.

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