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The Ministry of education signed agreements with the Jiangsu research activities implemented jointly

Transition briefing held here recently, Jiangsu Province. At the report meeting, the Ministry of education and the Jiangsu provincial people's Government signed the strategic cooperation agreement on joint research activities, Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of Ministry of education on behalf of the Ministry of education signed a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Province. Strategic emerging industries of the people's Government of Jiangsu Province, the Ministry of education and national planning and economic development planning in Jiangsu Province, the Ministry of education "blue fire plan" as the main hand, promote the development of science and technology, education and industry depth.

Ministry of education and Jiangsu Province Government cooperation of focus task is, established "blue fire plans" research joint innovation project declared mechanism, encourages University and enterprise around key technology research, and new products development and introduced high-tech landing industrialization carried out cooperation, speed up University technology results and enterprise of docking and landing; active foster and promote technology innovation carrier construction, strengthening science combined, build joint laboratory, and engineering technology research center, common technology innovation platform, and industrialization base Using market mechanisms to build a Huaihai Institute of technology innovation, introduce creative talents around strategic industry development, constructing the outcome of conversion and radiation pattern, promoting research cooperation by the short-term cooperation, a loose cooperation, individual to long-term cooperation, closer cooperation and system development.

"blue fire plan" is approved by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of education science and technology development center is responsible for organizing, designed to promote in-depth research carried out by combining with local and enterprise to strengthen collaborative innovation, accelerate the innovation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities to social transfers and industrialization a major initiative which will be implemented. Its core local government go hand in hand, full use of talents in colleges and universities and scientific and technological advantages, combining regional and local industrial development and economic needs, targeted colleges and universities actively involved in regional innovation and technology innovation, innovative scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities and innovative personnel work closely with social ... The plans since 2009 implementation yilai, according to place economic industry development features, respectively in Jiangsu Province and Fujian province selected has Xuzhou, and Taizhou, and Changshu, and Yixing, and, Zhangzhou city,, and in LongYan city, to for pilot implementation work, total organization has national over hundred by University of more than 1000 over experts scholars to place carried out research cooperation, participate in docking of business representative reached more than 1500 more than people, cumulative reached cooperation intention more than 400 more than items, help place introduced technology Commissioner more than 90 more than people. The plan according to industry characteristics and development needs of the region, with local governments to build a group of college technology transfer centre local centres, public service platform for technical innovation and industrial.

Governor of Jiangsu Luo zhijun, Party Secretary LI Xueyong attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Vice Governor Li Yunfeng presided over the signing ceremony.


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