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Jiangsu Province in 2012 three upgraded two of higher vocational school students in colleges and universities

From 2012 Jiangsu Province vocational school skills contest in the was informed that, for through high vocational school students studies channel, Jiangsu province from 2012 up pilot "high vocational and General undergraduate segment training" project, Nanjing high career school, and Jinling secondary school and Nanjing engineering high vocational school became first pilot high vocational school, 3 by school related professional students through designed turned this exam can rose into corresponds to of pilot this two University Nanjing Jinling technology college or Nanjing Xiaozhuang College.  

it is understood that the subparagraph so-called higher vocational and undergraduate training, namely five-year higher vocational school students 5 years later, after qualification, into the undergraduate education for 2 years. Undergraduate enrollment in the project included "turn" channel. Prior to this, by turning this examination can only enter higher vocational school students run by the three institutions, and lack of access to the two institutions.  

Jiangsu Province Department of education provides that applications for the pilot must be the national model of higher vocational education in higher vocational education colleges and part of the secondary vocational education reform and development identified as a national demonstration school of five-year higher vocational school, undergraduate teaching for applied undergraduate colleges.  

the pilot identified the Nanjing Nanjing in higher vocational education in higher vocational technical schools, and secondary school and Nanjing engineering higher school 3. And 3 school pilot the two institutions to link Nanjing Jinling Institute of technology and Nanjing Xiaozhuang College, Jinling Institute of technology set up a professional as "Science and technology" and "civil engineering works", Nanjing Xiaozhuang schools major in "software engineering". 3 major in high vocational school students are eligible to apply.  

in another development, if the pilot is successful, in Jiangsu Province, other high schools and gradually extend the models of the two universities.


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