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Jiangsu launched hundreds of basic education school "e learning" pilot project

To further promote the educational information, promote the teaching of primary and secondary education and learn to change the way recently, Jiangsu Province Department of education launched hundreds of basic education school digital learning (hereinafter "e-learning") pilot project. Through "Twelve-Five" during of first exploration, Jiangsu Province expects in courses, and textbook, and teaching, and evaluation, and management, five a field has reform and innovation, made experience, built more complete of "e  learning" platform and rich of "e  learning" resources, building new of teaching mode, and gradually formed "electronic bag" of solution programme, to education information led education modern. &Nbsp;

it is understood that the "e-learning" pilot will optimize course form, update teaching materials presentation and changes in teaching methods, innovation system, actively exploring in the five areas such as digital management. In the process of implementing the new curriculum, through appropriate reconstruction, restructuring, and select, update and expansion of content, build base, diverse, comprehensive, selective course structure, construct a proper organization of the curriculum frameworks and implementation support to meet social needs, meet comprehensive and personality development of the students. It is reported that "e-learning" pilot will be based on the textbook, active exploration and innovation to students ' self-learning material rendering, highlight open, multilateral interaction and inquiry, with special attention to material interests, wealth, selectivity and links, enhancement and social progress, scientific and technological development, and students real life experience of contact, expanding vision, innovation and practice guide. In terms of optimizing classroom teaching, curricular and extracurricular learning pilot communication, network and information technology will become the students ' learning environment, techniques, tactics, and tools to further stimulate students ' interest in learning, focus on guiding students ' active learning, cooperative learning, selective learning and human-computer interaction studies.  

to ensure the smooth progress of the pilot project in Jiangsu Province will optimize the technical environment, construction of digital campus "e  learning" service platform, developed a variety of learning resources, focusing on "e-learning" the necessary measures such as team building, and actively build "e  learning" environment. In campus broadband network, multimedia in the classroom based on promoting the Internet into the classroom, to the desktop, wired/wireless coverage, realize a wide range of connectivity and ubiquitous learning environments.  


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