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Jiangsu: Wuxi Xishan District to strengthen private school bus operation management

On March 20, Wuxi, Xishan District Education, safety, transportation and police departments, such as the Joint Inspection Unit, on two private schools in the district school bus runs to special inspection and management of the research.

Inspection Unit heard the introduction to the private school bus run, on-site inspections of the part of the line, the special site set up on the school bus and eliminate hidden dangers of lines of guidance. District Bureau research member Ni Shiqing stressed, for ensure school car run security, and specification, should specification reasonable to set site stop; except part can borrowed docked has some public school shuttle site and bus site outside, additional of site must reported local government approved and after traffic and make patrol, professional sector of recognized; school car site set must followed in ensure security specification of premise Xia both parents convenient of principles.

two private school said that immediately optimizing school bus routes and site settings, and timely publicity to explain to parents.


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