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Suzhou: all aspects of efforts to increase support for the children of migrant workers in the school

Suzhou public site absorb the children of migrant workers in schools and schools for the children of foreign workers the situation of coexistence, in ensuring that students in the public schools, or in approved private schools, shall enjoy equal treatment with local students (access to free compulsory education, provided free textbooks no longer charge a donation or jiedu fee) under positive response, innovation management.

implementation of targeted schools and schools for the children of foreign workers policy. In teacher preparation, allocation of funds, equipment and so on, for these two types of schools to be supported and encouraged.

establishing assistance mechanisms for public schools for children of migrant workers in the school. Actively encourage cooperation, by selecting, appointing cadres ' participation in school management, joint teaching and research activities of teachers, student interaction channels, helping schools to improve the education of children of migrant workers the teaching and management level.

purchase education services of the Government through various channels and forms. Standard specification for building, running schools for the children of qualified foreign workers, construction, facilities, equipment, school bus, financial incentives, teachers training, preferential policies and support measures.


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