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Want to "double degrees and double degrees" only do self?

April will mark the first large-scale examination of the year. Some universities in Nanjing, self heating than in previous years, the heat continued unabated. Many undergraduates and junior college students have joined self not only team, even some graduate students, in order to achieve "double degrees and double degrees" dreams and decided to embark on the road to self. The self-taught heat sweeping the nation backdrop, reflects some experts in Jiangsu Province, that self heat itself beyond reproach, but it indirectly reflects higher education Bachelor compensation mechanism is not perfect.

"Kochi" groups are keen on self

"major in marketing and finance, two unrelated issues, but I don't think so, because financial companies, whether it's banking, securities, insurance, futures industry, requires a large amount of marketing professionals, I believe, the marketing and finance knowledge, be sure to help their careers. "If q 2012 examination application what is the most popular major, economics and finance are two popular.

the self-taught team force, except for some undergraduate students and junior college students, and even some graduate students have also joined in. Wang Xin, are graduate students in Nanjing Institute of foreign languages, a. She enrolled in the South money finance professional self-study exam. Outsiders are confused, but she responded by saying, "many pressure at the moment! I participate in the self in order to get dual-degree, dual degree, enhance their own value. ”

"If you just learn English, way out in the future is limited when teachers or translators, now if I can successfully get a finance professional education, professional background combined with my English, entered the Bank in the international settlement or the credit business in the future, you have a better chance. "Wang Xin said, every weekend, when everyone else in the rest of the time, she had to go to the tutorial of finance, pay a much more hard than others. "Fighting for ideals, I don't feel bitter, but feel very full. ”

learned from the Jiangsu education examinations, since 2000, Jiangsu province from tests the source structure is changed, from the earlier society, became dominated by students of various schools, in addition to undergraduate students and junior college students, master or even a doctorate, have also added to the examination team to, become self boasting.  

b preferred compound talents propelled self hot

"today's employers are looking for wears several hats at work versatile, competent financial officer again, this thick based, most popular wide-caliber talents. "Nanjing University of finance and career center director Yin Jianxin said, although college students ' employment situation has improved, but to compete in a tight job market to get ideal jobs, graduates must also have its own core competence," double degrees and double degrees "system to help build students ' knowledge structure of interdisciplinary, it would be a feasible way.

Liu Haidong, human resources manager of a well-known accounting firm in Nanjing, also told reporters that the number of accounting firms in recruiting new employees, will be specially emphasized his hope that candidates with science and engineering background, such as machinery manufacturing, metal, automation, etc. This is because the business content of the auditees and varied, if only knowledge of financial accounting and auditing practitioners, and business processes, cost structure, production process, there is no general understanding and to clarify the situation and provide a high level of audit object audit report is not easy.

the industry believes that precisely because of the community to the professional talents of extremely keen, resulting in a current self heating.

c construct many talents must liberalize road system

"while the national diploma in recognition of self, how the employer recognition of self education? "In an interview with reporters found, although registration active, but many candidates for that matter, still full of doubts. In that case, why not choose a diploma higher gold content "second degree" education examinations, and expand their knowledge? In response, Wang Xin, who with all due respect, "we of course want this to happen, but to our inquiry, currently only a handful of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, and in this regard the admissions, there really is no choice. ”

in order to regulate "second degree" education, the Ministry of education policy was promulgated in 1987. As a rule, second Bachelor's degree in professional settings, to be approved by the Ministry of education, and annual enrollment plan unified order, "in principle limited part in school history for a long time, strong faculty, high level of teaching and research University in the pilot. "Therefore, less only the South, South-East University, Jiangsu University, admissions for this. This 20 years ago, document, widely considered to be too old, universities should be given more autonomy.

"If the University cannot provide more extensive choice of teaching contents for students, more than many college students, a surplus of time will be wasted. "South finance director Zhang Jin of the Senate believes that although teaching plan with particular emphasis on knowledge structure of complex, but limited by the hours, to achieve knowledge of highly complex or difficult. Can open in a larger second academic degree education for students and employers, it is a good thing.


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