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Nearly 230,000 people in Jiangsu province to apply for civil service record

At 7 in the morning, Nanjing forestry University test center front of the teaching building is already crowded. Many candidates have arrived early, materials to use last time hold in his hands "Buddha". Than Nan Lin, 11th 166 test center, Jiangsu Province, is this image. Nearly 230,000 students descend to create history. Nervous expression before an exam, many candidates was walked out of the room on her face was "cloudy", questions difficult to drop this year, to ease a lot of candidates. But experts cautioned that questions simple to "qualify" was certain the number of exam candidates who feel good to hold on to prepare for the interview. &Nbsp;

nearly 230,000 students create history dinner toilet queues

"today for an unprecedented public examination of the Extras. "" 2012 public examination in Jiangsu packed ~ fun ~ I "take the civil service examination, many students also did not forget to take a photo of exam, send Twitter leave a mark, feeling most is the people. Nearly 230,000 students take an exam this year, is a "squeeze, many worry".

workplace "old person" test as a public switch to shortcuts

on March 11, 2012 civil service entrance examination in Jiangsu province public accounts written in 14 test exam, 166, 7,693 held concurrently in the examination room. According to the Civil Service Bureau in Jiangsu Province, written exam candidates 229454 people this year than last year, an increase of nearly 30,000 people, for the record.

public exam test site, took the exam to students who have not yet graduated, others have jobs on the side, flopping about in the workplace for many years "the old man". "I have a lot of people despise the public examination of mad men, in fact, we can't. "Test centers in Nanjing forestry University, told a press conference in the summer, she has been working for three years, and now does not do this job, the civil service exam is the fastest method of switch. This year Jiangsu public exams, Miss summer riveting enough, every home information to 12 points, also a remedial class. Many graduates a lot easier, "soy sauce" there. Nanjing University of finance and a new born told reporters that he report post 200 people competing, all hope should not be placed on the civil service exam.

too many candidates, full school gate restaurant

"public examination is a Word, Rob! Buses to take position to grab a table to eat, even the toilet or you will miss it, or line up had to queue for a long time. "The candidates who participated in the public examination, the black population will be familiar.

Miss Chang, who lived near Nanjing was placed in the test center, Nanjing forestry University, first public examination of memory are not good. "I am almost nude, and line up at a venue in the morning to see so many people, my heart was cold. "Most awkward is noon time," I drive slow, out of school, found little restaurants all packed up, look at this meal might have to spend an hour. "Know the terrain of near miss in school meals and hopeless, quickly took the bus to go to a fast-food restaurant near the Nanjing railway station," but it's still in line, meal cheek has a position, has been reviewing almost time to go back to the test. ”

candidates squeezed out also to other provinces, Jiangsu squeeze

Jiangsu civil service exams-21 of an entrance exam in the past, this year, Jiangsu "jump" exam registration, test a month earlier than in previous years. On-site interviews found that many candidates in Jiangsu and other provinces and cities are ready to use the "time difference" squeeze out Jiangsu this exam, and then continue to return home to "test Bowl", which mainly graduates.

"got up at six o'clock in the morning, so sleepy today, allow yourself to relax, then continue reading. "Candidates Xiao Qin are Nanjing information engineering college graduates, Anhui. He told reporters, and a lot of "bare test", "soy sauce" candidates who are not the same, his public examination while the front is not too long, but still good. The books back and forth for three or four months. Jiangsu public exams finished, he intends to try the Anhui, "after all, is his hometown and tried it. Anhui has already signed up, the next month will have to fight. " 


difficulty "diving", beaming

generally reflect the simple mathematics of a public foundation to cancel the indefinite

"feel good, is not difficult, if carefully prepared, many topics can work it out. "Afternoon walked out of the room, a boy told reporters. Reporters interviewed several candidates, slight review of candidates, told reporters that feels simple topics this year than in previous years. Walked out of the room, light-hearted candidates there.

test: posting many candidates "echo"   "this year managed"

"this year managed well, can only do two or three in the past. Should have all worked out this year, even I can't believe it, pen's hands were shaking. "" Digital logic puzzles or simple, peacetime training skilled almost ' kill '. "After examination, forums on the Internet because it feels so good for" confirmed "candidates, and" echoes "most of the candidates said questions did not hard, this just posting" landlord "to settle down.

China figure education civil servants guide exam experts analysis, this year line test volume in the number relationship part in the of digital reasoning more simple, topics difficulty more 2011 has reduced, and 2011 compared, 2012 exam only appeared has separate test bar figure or line figure, no appeared composite graphics, analogy reasoning difficulty relative no increased, and defined judge in the in previous years rich Jiangsu features of more defined judge also overall missing, and and country test keep has consistent, on candidates for is reduced has difficulty. But the data analysis part of the material type, text material, tables, materials, graphics, materials, synthetic materials, calculation as well.

However, this change also makes some candidates off guard, squealing. "Thinking that math is difficult, skip doing data analysis, the results looked back and regretted it, cups and tired. "" Past math we all give up discrimination of small differences simply didn't study just came out. ”

Kimimoto: cancel the indefinite option questions is difficult to "diving"

If the line is measured also is easily reduced, public knowledge the difficulty this year could be called diving. Kimimoto multiple choice questions is always, in Jiangsu Province, radio, multi-select, indefinite option three, which variable selection headache most candidates, selecting a few selected ones, are "a drop into the eternal hate". This year the "long-standing" was gone, so many candidates examination room a shot of "doping".

in addition, China analysis, public exams this year to increase the proportion of radio, although the proportion of legal, but knowledge of test is relatively simple, involving increased human knowledge problems, comprehensive quality requirements for candidates. In addition endemic hotspot also appeared in political hot spots, examine the Nanjing massacre in Nanjing 2011 economy. Of course examination in Jiangsu Province is, as always, the times, public knowledge subject also appears in the temple on the first, Apple founder Steve jobs and the nature of the "living fossil" and other familiar content.

argument: dazuowen wrote on topics focusing on development "waiting homes"

this year write an essay on a given 9 material, and write an essay on the main themes of the rural development and materials combined with the political hot spots, such as the 17 session of the plenum of the background. Material is set out in two cases in the province.

topics of this year, Jiangsu is parallel to the four questions are given, neatly, and no major breakthroughs. As usual, the first was inductive problems reflected in the material, the second question requires analysis of the reasons, the third question is given, write a report to the leadership material. The last one "essay" is required to "watch their homes" as its theme, write a 800-1000 article.

students most discussions focus on the last question, many candidates feel "waiting homes" test macro, exam materials involves many aspects, don't know how to cut.

test glance

over the civil service exam, the part common sense will always be known as an "encyclopedia", asked candidates to review. This year the questions there are a lot of people, "knowledge" questions, some of them are still with Jiangsu characteristics.

1. the protection of many refugees in Nanjing massacre of Germans is ( )

a. Rabe b. Schindler c. vautrin d. Hans

reference answer: a

comment: Nanjing, Jiangsu, although the problem appears to be highly featured. Shortly before the film on the Nanjing massacre in China there are several, such as Nanking! Nanjing! And the 13 beauties of Jinling, one of them being the diary of John Rabe, therefore the problem even for candidates from other provinces is also very simple. Vautrin also accept Nanjing refugees international friends, but she is American. Schindler protected Jews. Hans is still alive, it can be assumed he is unlikely to Harbor refugees that year.

2. "Apple" founder Steve Jobs's main contributions are

a. assembling the world's first computer b. graphical user interface c. invented the mouse d. mobile computing revolution

answers: b, d

comment: "Qiao Bang", if not "Apple" or strange. Exam candidates tangled up whether he invented the computer mouse. Mouse at Stanford Research Institute's Dr Douglas and his colleagues designed in 1963. Is John Vincent Atanasoff invented the first computer, and Qiao Bang primary contribution is to assemble the first personal computer.

3. flying the company's operating system and the appropriate smart phone is developing rapidly, but recently some IT companies by flying directly or indirectly to franchisees are challenged, as by receiving royalty payments raised flying company cost of hardware manufacturers to prohibit their sale. Flying company in the operating system's lax attitude on patent issues in the development process, have restricted the development of the "Achilles heel". The text of the "Achilles heel" blending refers to

a. technical defects b. design failure of c. loopholes in the application d. legal weakness

suggested answer: d

comment: is the Homeric hero Achilles, his mother tried to have his son into "golden helmets", at the time of his birth is carried into the river Styx, is regrettable, was held by his mother's heels is accidentally exposed to water, body leaving only one by one "Achilles". Later, Achilles was Hector his brother Paris, died of an arrow shot in the ankle. "Achilles heel" refers to the fatal weakness or close to home. Patent law issues described in this paper, can answer.

4. the following is not part of living fossils

a. Alligator b. Panda c. Golden Monkey d. Acipenser sinensis

suggested answer: c


comments: living fossil that is defined in a long time in the phylogenetic evolution, or branching evolution, not line break occurs, but the result of stagnant evolution, and is still extant species. In China, known as "living fossils" animals: Panda, water in the "living fossil" Acipenser sinensis, Chinese alligator, giant salamander and other.


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