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Jiangsu elementary school graduates are declining in student competition will be more intense

Jiangsu provincial Department of education has released the 2011 education statistical bulletin show that Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, in the downward trend in the number of primary school graduates, college entrance examination students corresponding to a further reduction in the coming years, University students competition will be more intense. &Nbsp;

data show 2011 high school enrollment, the number of students continued to decrease. Among them, the high school had 408,800, 31,500 people less than a year earlier, 1.287 million students who last year cut 69,600, graduates 466,100, 20300 less people than the previous year. Meanwhile, the enrollment of college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province decreased in 2009, about 546,000 people 2010 527,000 people, last year the figure fell to 499,700 college entrance examination students in recent years – decreasing momentum of 20,000 people a year.  

the University is concerned, from a long-term perspective, source shortage situation will continue for some time. Data show that in 2011, there are primary school graduates 649,700, 56,100 people less than a year earlier. General junior high school number, student number and the number of graduates continues to decline: 649600 students the previous year decreased by 60,800; 2.1112 million students who last year reduced 218300; graduate 838,300 people, 75,700 people less than last year. An expert analysis has long been engaged in education and research in the province predicts that by 2014 years later, this "reduction" number will amount to 3 to 40,000 people a year, that is, a year before 2015, enrollment of college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province today will reduce the number of 100,000 people, the size of 400,000 people.  

"once the student crisis deepens, competition will be more intense around the students in colleges and universities. "Senior researcher at the Institute of higher education in Jiangsu Province Chengjun Xie noted that, especially for private colleges and universities, and fund operations mainly rely on students to pay fees if enrollment does not complete, is bound to affect survival," and education departments in colleges and universities should look ahead adjusting the orientation and the orientation of school as soon as possible, develop more targeted policies, in order to evade being caused by a sharp drop in enrollment of school crisis. " 


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