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Good boy is out of Kwame do?

When all parents want their children to stand out, and recommended a broad array of education provided for the parents at the moment, what is right?

United States psychology experts believes that for many years, one generation to teach their peers say, goodbaby was praised, but it's not the truth.

praise children from challenged

when people have a child who says, "well done, you are really smart! "This can easily lead to his academic record is getting worse. Why do I say it?

a United States team of 400 five-year results of the student survey shows that who are praised as smart kids tend to not accept the difficult task, because they know that, only when they get good grades, to get recognized. Given that each challenge is likely to fail, so they simply avoid taking on new tasks.

offense and anxiety

quite a few parents have misunderstood "appreciation education" the basic principles, they thought "appreciation education" is to dig three feet to find out the reason for praising children, or even think, "children without these advantages, you praise him, he denies, will naturally move towards this direction. "The children wonder if parents so highly he is for their own purposes," they did so in order to let me submit that they were false. "In order to show the" real self "and the child is likely to be commended, the more, the more unruly.

so, praise will achieve the objective of encourage children to do?

relevant experts believe that it is best to understand the process of child to do things, difficult child care and look in the eyes, then praise the child. For example, after the kids finish the composition, based on the read can you say: "very well at the beginning of this article, you can come up with such stories as the beginning of the text is not easy; in this case write very detailed, you after careful observation. A word at the end of good, used it to turned a very appropriate...... "in this way, your hard work spent on children in the composition all said out, happy smile, at once full of confidence in the child's face, the world also can be more expensive than the parents ' understanding of things?


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