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Correct attitude towards treatment of ADHD

Children with ADHD often have barriers in cognitive, emotional, often brings to the people around themselves and their physical and mental suffering. Therefore, the correct understanding of ADHD children, child development and education are of great significance for the future.

1. More moving syndrome children by at time up of place is family and school, so school and family is children development of key places, on more moving syndrome children of development up with important of role, whole more moving syndrome children of family members and teacher, and students are should to they a copies understanding, a copies sympathy, to love, and care, and help they, makes they has confidence overcome, insisted treatment, beat psychological obstacles.

2. Not obvious to those symptoms were not serious in children with ADHD, in terms of education, psychotherapy and behavior modification are corrected. Not just medication, medications often have side effects.

3. Children intelligent level of seriousness of the illness, they should be treated differently, according to the specific situation of children with ADHD, have different requirements. Parents against excessive demands, teachers are not requirements-all are high, some progress on its original basis as long as the child should be encouraged. In the education system should be more flexible.

4. Many middle school students to visit about good grades in primary school, but to the middle school scores decreased significantly, inattention, cause learning disabilities, social disabilities and people don't get along, some parents thought does not communicate, commit suicide or run away, and some behavior problems, lying, stealing, fighting. Parents and teachers should have some knowledge of psychology, Chang and children talk to heart, to share their ideas and difficulties, timely medical treatment, prevention comes first.

5. ADHD is a lifelong mental disorders, some in the neonatal period, infancy is perceived, especially to the kindergarten class is more obvious when, cannot adapt to a collective living and learning. So parents bring in the 3~5sui clinic and asked the doctor to diagnose ADHD or intelligence issues. Parents to understand the psychological situation of these children should, under the guidance of a doctor for psychological treatment to strengthen family education, primary school ready to alleviate symptoms.

6. Parents should teach by example the words simultaneously, improve their quality, good family, good family education can help alleviate ADHD symptoms, bad parent education can aggravate symptoms, education management of ADHD children is difficult and laborious, which requires patience and self-control ability, otherwise they will be impulsive because of child's wayward cross, does not meet the purpose of disciplining children. Divorce in broken homes have higher incidence of ADHD children.

7. Teachers in the educational methods to avoid excessive fatigue, help students improve study efficiency, science curricula, establish a reasonable timetable, for ADHD children improve attention span and interest in learning.


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