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Classification of autistic child's habitual

Has a lot of habitual behavior in autistic children, they had a nail-biting, squint, and habitual behaviors such as stuttering, so what should they be classified?

classify specific behaviors can be scientific according to their properties after treatment. We place the habitual behavior into neurological habits, muscle twitches, stuttering into three types. They include specific content.

1, and neural sex habits: bite nails is neural sex habits of a common type, also including twist lane or stroked hair (beard), and knock its pencil, and snap, and sucking thumb, and repeat sex to fiddling with a Zhang pieces, and newspaper or similar of small things, and fiddling with a a items, and tore paper, and bite plastic class things, repeat sex behavior, many neural sex habits on individual for not caused any problem, unless this habits behavior had frequency or had strong, as occasionally bite bite pencil not problem, but all day bite pencil is problem Likewise occasionally biting his nails is not a problem for most people, but if the bleeding until the nail biting is the problem.

2, muscle twitch: twitch the repeatability is specific muscle groups in the body. Usually includes the neck and face, including shoulders, arms, legs or trunk muscles. Such as: Leer, blinking, grinning, and so on. Some muscle twitching of individual children will disappear as they grow up. Muscle twitching was stranded for a long time, it becomes a problem.

3, stuttering: the language barrier is a function of individual, often repeating a few words or syllables, and lengthen their pronunciation.

Note: used to reverse the smell therapy, aversion therapy, preventing method, reinforcement, habitual behaviour are effective.


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