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Daughter of "maid"

Summer vacation, I told her, please her does part-time at home this summer. Daughter's interest: "MOM, how do workers? Paid? "I said," would certainly have, however, you want to ensure the quality of work. "

in this way, my daughter and summer part-time agreement was signed, first just can't sleep. In view of the daughter was small, energy is limited, so I only requires her to do two hours a day, one hour is five Yuan.

in those two hours, she was going to bed, clean room health, washed his own clothes, as well as help me wash the lunch dishes to choose. Daughter frowned and said: "Mommy, it too much work, too little money? ”

I taught her to say: "the work is not intended to in order to make money, when MOM was seven or eight years old, has been able to help your grandmother to Cook, you are now 12 years old, why can't these capabilities work done? ”

daughter, seriously signed off on the agreement, and said, "MOM, you help grandmother to cook seven or eight years old, wouldn't it be dangerous? "I said," really dangerous, sometimes burned by oil but your grandmother, busy at work, MOM's boss at home, there's sister, so, even burn, housework or fall. However, the mother now feel very lucky, because my mother is now what the House will do, this is the result from the exercise. ”

today, the maid agreement has entered into force, my daughter always helps me to do things on their own, the exercise of children's independence and ability.


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