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Parent tips: good habits good future success

1, memory used. Minute memory, linked to memory and time, here also contains a note of habits. How many words a minute to write and read the words, written words, time when attention is necessarily good. Their intelligence, attention is the most important. Linked to certain tasks and learning time, by minute attention, memory to develop study habits.

2, speech habits. Students will organize, express their ideas, speech is modern people should have the ability to.

3, the habit of reading. Read Chinese and foreign masterpieces or biographies, with a high level of intellectual conversation, read one or two minutes a day, has the advantage, student age plastic, great power, education, far more than the us as a teacher, when students associate with the master, and a great man, and in a lot of education to do nothing at all, once the habit, student life.

4, writing habits. Diary talk is long, no words are short, through the journal found that a teacher is in a position, there is no thought, there is no consistent quality, see Journal can see the teacher's level, better see student's level, 350 words a minute, hold on, write down, that's determination. My 20 years of correcting students ' homework, but I say a word for 20 years, is a diary every day.

5, the habit of planning. Everything is good, does not advance the waste. Slow self-inflicted in planning is not strong, and let people push you around, and excellent student strengths lies in what you wanted to do. Therefore, we will cultivate the habit of students plan.

6, preview the habit. Please make a part of their speaking time, and return to the student, the students themselves to take a look at and think about, prepare a preview. Experimental high school, I asked the teacher for more than 20 minutes. Distributed material-Jiangsu Ocean thinking middle school yesterday, "only about four minutes," and students significant progress is the preview, he learned the secret habit. Conversely, do not allow students to learn, the simplest things are waiting for the teacher to tell him so difficult to produce good students. I began in 1979, the final exam on the first day of school, final question to you new material. Doing so is to preview of the Student Union. Let students learn in, feel the joy of the joy of learning, exploration, growth, happiness. So you must cultivate the habit of students ' Preview.

7, meet the teacher's habits. Faced by students and teachers in all disciplines, length, and is inevitable. While we endeavour to take measures to improve teacher skills, students; unable to get all of the teachers are improving to the point where a student asks. So students have to adapt to the teacher, now meet the teacher, grew up to adapt to society. Not a bit unhappy complain. Different levels of teachers and students in a variety of ways, eyes inward and improve the means to adapt and progress together with the teacher.

8, and can't do it, little things make habit. This is also one of the most important habits. I catch a student is caught. Top students do the top thing, don't blindly backward students. Large target can't reach, and set small goals. Problems can do, pick multiple easy to do for you to do it. Life is the most horrible events do not, refused to do little things, high, and low does not, have to go on, and get down, rich and poor cannot afford. So to make our students never-say-die.

9, homework habits. Teacher's job is not necessarily suitable for all students, if you are asked to do, is against education. Teacher will discuss with students, allow students to be down-to-Earth, learn some, City Board of education provides for quantitative work of students, its implementation, inspection, two teachers of conscience, a teacher from the reality of the students, only a regular amount of students can be accepted, students can adapt to education. Scholars in Zhejiang middle school is especially emphasized this.

10, finishing the wrong book habit. After each test, and more than 50 of the more than 90 points, more than 30 students, how to sort out the wrong topic? Away score will never, 30 minutes, 40 minutes next time, this is a great success. Acceptable types of questions, the same degree of knowledge points to examine improved ways. Organizes the set of error is accepted good habits of many students.

11, out of the habit of exams. Students should feel that the exam is not mysterious. Should examination of high school students, junior high school student exam questions.

12, filter data, summary of the habit. Students will be based on their actual, select learning materials.


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