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Parent comprehension: kindergarten my views on early education

Since the last big classes since almost every homework. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon every day after school, children, as usual, went straight towards the Park, opposite a kindergarten yard on the 12th floor of the Fitness Park, that was like a baby calf is finally be running by day in the land, but is often low in fitness at the desk garden fence top, finish homework or exchange of learning to play again after the lovely scene. I'm both tenderness and love!

present-day children of these "growth" is good kindergarten education and kindergartens, close it!

  "Prodigy" education upon tiny kindergarten, to excellent boutique Park development

as someone who has, once the private primary and secondary schools, technical schools and university teachers, and teachers ' family background and have worked in the Ministry of national education systems 4 years experience, as the father, very appreciated mainland China over the slogan--"we don't let children fall on the starting line! "Any heavier burden on children and adolescents in particular, cram the so-called expertise of pre-school education to the child class, or January thousands of so-called aristocratic kindergarten but also very understanding and opening up for more than 30 years, we have basically completed the Chinese characteristic Socialist primitive accumulation, is facing a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In a family of three, "just a good" policy driven by the "Dragon" and "looking women into a Phoenix", this cumbersome and satraps tried miss the people of "examination-oriented education", and found the real and urgent objective basis and fertile soil.

earlier newspaper reports, foreign new freshmen, class teacher asked his freshmen, 3 plus 3 equal? Dolls did not have an answer, only a Chinese child immediately answered, equal to 6! The children's parents immediately criticized by the teacher and accusations. Foreigners ' education seems to be confusing, is worthy of discussion, but my son a little juvenile, daily homework, like in training "child prodigy". There is no full-time a person who knows the ropes every day to spend with their family or auxiliary, we suspect that child will not soon or weariness, or autism, or low self-esteem ... ... This should arouse deep introspection and reflection! Lucky is that as parents, we were were scholars, there is a culture of people not afraid of children, education and.

indeed, "Prodigy" education beyond reproach. This seems to be the current characteristics and features of China's education and social psychology. "Long Yu on the child class, and immediately felt the big difference in our House, obviously feeling nervous a lot! "This is our common family including children.

perhaps because of having children and children's sake, our worldview, epistemology and methodology are also changing. Our view: understanding and convergence of current education situation, should be China's kindergarten education, elementary school children's education, characterized as a "child prodigy." It is probably the national rise and national rejuvenation in question should have meaning!

face the golden age, "Prodigy" education in our small pocket high well kindergarten, as the layman has long been out of the education industry, we are trying to build, should provide excellent boutique development of kindergarten or cross over! On the premise that objective, education remains the most important of love and beauty. In fact, this is no lack in the children's nursery! We are not pleased, the country's Minister of education has shifted from a background at least College-turned into a secondary school teacher Mr Yuan guiren, wished the country's basic education management experience from more advanced countries.

learning from each other, face. If we have a sense of mission and responsibility and conscientious hard work, over time, can achieve great results. In addition to daily communication, we proposed that the parents and the kindergarten site should be fully interactive. Class education monthly, weekly, as well as the classic teaching, teaching methods, should be posting and sharing, in order to better help parents keep abreast of and study, grasp the learning process of the child.

Secondly, parents have any good ideas and suggestions, what new development of the children, or interesting anecdotes, we may have to share; so, enable visibility and reputation in kindergarten to better spread. Also, may wish to employ an experienced parent or celebrity, doing a bit of part-time teachers or counselors, and nursery staff, and the kids, more interactive communication.

again, constantly sum up experience, let the children sing, paint paintings, especially like kindergarten site is small, tried to make children more physical exercises and outdoor activities. Wish as a child class a class that, he often sang the song at home me in the side of the road, more ... ...

on September 1 this year, was going to primary school children. Is about 2 kilometres away from home on the huangchenggen primary school in Beijing (infant), and also is the home leg of the Beijing Jade Taoyuan Elementary School. Apart from sponsorship, human relations, took the bridge school is hard to say, as Europe and chose to go to Africa, the answer is Yes. Poor parents are!

since its birth, where there is a business trip, we took the kids out ain't from, in order to let him see. Since the end of October early November last year with children to Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen by the Henan hometown back to Beijing since the educational supervision of children, parent was to let his hobby. Because the thought of 6 years of elementary school, and add and subtract, and delegation of Hanyu Pinyin as the formal education in kindergarten curriculum, an additional burden on children, some really hard!

in making use of today, noted that European countries such as the Federal Germany and the Hungary legislative prohibition of pre-school education. Federal Germany of the Basic Law (Constitution), seventh paragraph sixth expressly prohibits the establishment of prevocational schools (Vorschule); Hungary legislation strictly forbidden to teach kindergarten children learn to write, read, calculation, and so on. If before school children want to "education" and "education" focused on only three: one is basic common sense, such as not allowing violence, talking loudly. Second, the child's ability. In kindergarten children according to their own interest in hand made, they've offered to do specific things. Third, to develop children's EQ, especially in leadership. Western teachers of philosophy is: "children intellectual development is not a good thing, too, because you have to leave the child's brain with imagination. Too much knowledge can make the child's brain into a computer hard drive, often run, this child's brain slowly become a memory, not taking initiative and thinking. "I agree with!

during the Spring Festival in January 2012, we seemed to get children back to our childhood. Home door near of, Xicheng District Culture Center, from junior to celestial, daily Shang afternoon row have full of various literary program, first by Government pay, and actor grade grade high, this really makes this year of Festival colorful: such as digital movie, and shadow concert, and riddles concert, and Cha song concert, and Opera concert, and Kunqu Opera concert, and pingju concert, and Opera concert, and non-material culture heritage exhibition show and painting exhibition,. The six, the family drove around the Ming tombs; when初七because child yourself and then have a day off, may also suffer from "holiday syndrome", and day morning he reluctantly stepped into China's "on track to kindergarten education", and went to school.


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