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Daughter helps her mother sell cold drinks

Read the daughter at a school in third grade, many students in the class was very good, in contrast, our family was relatively poor. In this environment, the daughter is growing competition, and inferiority.

vanity, of course, is not conducive to the healthy growth of children, available traditional didactic may daughter won't listen. Summer, I realized that she helped her mother sell cold drinks.

his wife after being laid off, put a newspaper stand near the bus stop, he sold cold drinks in summer. Because pole umbrellas are eyesores, mother and daughter wore a hat can't make an omelet at a time, kept from morning until dark. Hot noon, mother and daughter both sweating sometimes encountered heavy rain, also asked people to help us, to push the freezer under the eaves. Selling a newspaper could earn a dime, make two or three cents a drink ... ... Counting the coins looked at her mother in the light, is surprisingly less calculating income, daughter fell down the tears, sighs: "MOM is so difficult. ”

a good example is the best sermon. I along with a few words of inspiration, daughter nodded his head and said: "we must work hard, don't let her so hard. Than than studying with classmates than the indomitable fighting spirit in adversity and who can be intimidating for parents, who love for their parents. ”

When you encounter trouble and confusion in the child growing up and responsibility of being a parent is to help him is clearly right and wrong, and correct guidance.


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