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Education savings raised "tense" controversy

A three-year educational savings, the thought that depositors are simply due to the Bank provide proof of non-compulsory education and enjoy preferential interest rates, however acceptance of so-called "progress" requirement. Zhu has graduated from school at this time, due to the small depositors, for this so-called "tenses" saying he put banks on the dock, of the xuhui district people's Court in Shanghai. Eventually, the out-of-court settlement reached between the parties in the present case, the banks volunteered to provide appropriate compensation to Xiao Zhu litigation.

according to plaintiffs small Zhu said, 2005 early, is a college attended of he was informed that Shanghai City a Bank are launched education savings business, will in when February of day came to the Bank of branch Advisory, and from Bank issued of education savings publicity manual Shang learned that, "deposits due, by school issued of deposits people accept non-compulsory education of proved, can enjoy whole save whole take interest rate, and exemption savings deposits interest income tax". So he will on that day for the three-year educational savings procedures and deposit of 20,000 yuan. In 2007, the plaintiff graduated next February deposit maturity, when its holding books and school graduation certificates to the Bank requests for brochure related presentations in that year, when extracting service at preferential rates, but was rejected by the Bank. At the time of withdrawal, bank interest was calculated at lingcunzhengqu rates, and the deduction of tax on interest.

because of several unsuccessful negotiations, Zhu had to sue demanded that banks had introduced on brochure, giving lump-sum rates and free of savings deposit interest income.

for Xiao Zhu's claims, banks reply that, in accordance with the provisions of the Canada education savings regulations article 10th: education savings lingcunzhengqu savings deposits, to apply the same level of lump-sum rate, and enjoy tax exemption policies. Enjoy these benefits provided that: savers expire in addition to passbook will provide the school being non-compulsory education students issued proof of identity, not preferential. The plaintiff is unable to provide access to non-compulsory education student identification, we can only enjoy the interest rate and payment of interest on tax lingcunzhengqu.

obviously, the reason given, according to the Bank, education savings incentives must be "in progress" and cannot be a "past tense".

for this case by refraction out of savings contract flaws, about people pointed out that, due to savings contract is different from Yu other written contract, its main form for passbook, content is simple, only involved deposits of currency species, and amount, and term, and interest rate, and save period,, and for Bank aspects prior developed, savers in handle deposits business Shi, only accept this format contract, so, as format contract of developed who, Bank has obligations in deposits people handle business Shi, Formats to increase the obligations of the other party in the contract terms and to deposit the full tips and advise. This case, the Canada education savings regulations formulated by the people's Bank of China, savers in the account of the regulation are not known, so such key banks, increase the obligations of the depositor do tips and articles informing obligation in order to avoid the occurrence of disputes.


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