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Smart MOM tips: 9 year old son "wage earners" quitting addiction

Son asked in third grade, I suddenly fell in love with computers, home for the first time went straight to the library, and carrot and husband branch opened from the computer, while he enjoyed playing the game.

at first, we did not pay attention to his act, and later a series of moves reflected his addicted, like homework less preoccupied, shopping always thinking about going out to go home early, and not actively playing with children ... ...

When asked what his favorite if others, asked to answer proudly loud and I like to play the game.

in order to show the family of democracy I Leng crush his anger is no Tiger disguise themselves as a pair of motherly image, contrary to the said with a smile: "you are honest. You have to tell MOM, why do you like to play video games? ”

"fun! "Asked Airily replied.

fun is the word without any reason. How old are children, poor self-control, and elementary school are pressured, than easy kindergarten is less fun, children naturally need a vent outlet in this environment. Children will choose from a variety of games of different types to be happy, relieve stress, this is not incurable habit. But once used, the result will be disastrous.

I told her husband discuss, finally reaching a consensus, prepared a set of "wean trilogy".

the first step, and asked details, mind. The second step, computer passwords, forced him are not allowed to go. The third step, sending him to boarding school ... ...

when our plans are ready for implementation, ask in the community elevators accidentally lost 300 yuan, which is a sum of money from his heavily, he sighed and moping all day, they often ask how can I make money.

I had an inspiration, says: "If you play the game changed with the housework, you can make a few dollars a day wage. Will soon be able to earn more money. ”

asked after listening to exciting, readily promised without hesitation, in order to show the importance attached to this issue, I told her husband designed a hire book. And formally asked to sign an agreement with Wen:

party a: MOM and dad

party b: q

asked since April 2010, volunteered to take some of the housework for the family, MOM and dad each month to ask the appropriate wage.

washing: 2, floor: 1, floor: 1 time ... ...

ask are pleased and we sign them, immediately ran to the bathroom to get out the broom, husband field guide. Soon, ask after you've, and asked whether we were qualified. Ground though it is not very clean, in order to encourage him, we sent him two dollars on the spot. Ask received money, is very reverently into the purse.

soon after, a month is up, ask paid 60 Yuan of salary. Meanwhile, his enthusiasm is getting higher and higher, and offer to share the task of washing dishes for free. Playing games thing is do it occasionally, but soon dedicated to the interpretation of "I am the working man" role.

this year, the paper asked quietly told me a little secret, he earned more than 400 pieces of wages to buy some books and food to children's welfare home.

crosses little touches my heart and reminds me of the phrase "only don't teach parents, no bad children." As long as we are properly guide children, each child's heart is good, each child's world is good ... ...

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