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Do not forget to nurture their children's judgment and reasoning ability

Preschool children's thinking is characterized by specific images, abstract logical thinking is still in the embryonic stage. For this characteristic to develop children's judgment and reasoning capacity?

first of all, pay attention to expanding children's horizons and enrich children's perceptual knowledge and experience, judgment and reasoning ability to promote children's development. Narrow life experience of young children, is characterized by a specific image of thought. Therefore, children grasp concepts, judgment, must start from the full perception, experience, rich in imagery. Perception is the beginning of knowledge, from the perception of language teaching, is impossible to make children to form concepts. In daily life, parents try to create the conditions that children personally take a look at, listen to, touch touch, taste, smell, play to play, to perceive objects from different perspectives, so as to more fully understand the nature of things. For example, let the child do the water freezing into ice, and through see, touch, and taste, and put it in the water, fell to the ground, and many feel ice cold, smooth, hard, transparent, brittle, which can float on the surface, the event features such as heating water.

Secondly, training to guide their children, understand the distinct difference between things, to exercise your child's ability to distinguish. Is the difference between the similarities and differences of things, is a prerequisite for classification. Difference of parents to guide their children things, to highlight distinctive features, compare the similarities of things to incorporate things in common. The two complement each other, so as to more clearly highlight the nature of things, effectively promote the correct concept formation. For example, let the children observed cattle and horses, say their similarities and differences, help your child correctly establish the concept of cattle and horses.

third, pay attention to the exercise improve oral language skills, help your child use words to summarize things. After you understand the essence of things, must also guide the children be summed up in words, so that the child will be scattered appearances into concepts, thereby more clearly the concepts. For example, do seed germination experiment, we have to help your child use words to summarize: "seeds need water, air and the right temperature. "The only help children master a certain number of concepts to be abstract logical thinking, improving children's judgment and reasoning skills.

Finally, conceptual guides children exercise, exercise boost your child's correct judgment and reasoning ability. Use is the mark of true understanding and mastery. Parents should give children often make some problems, let him think and answer. Take kids to go out, overcast weather, parents can ask: "If you look at it can rain? "If not, take this opportunity to tell him:" today was overcast much, swallows fly very low, heavy rain. "Or let the children look for signs before the rain, if the ants were moving, is there water pipes outside and so on. In addition, often for children given the task, let him try to solve. For example, let the child do "picture error" game, that child does not sense errors are pointed out, this is a great way to exercise better judgment and reasoning ability.


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