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Good parents of nine "job description"

"Parents" for this job, want to post is not difficult, but you need more practice want to do well. Good parents, not just to children, but also to protect them and give proper guidance. Can you do that?

If you have "good parenting practitioners"?

job responsibilities: AC  

job description: talk less and listen more  

If your child does not like to talk to you, how to start a pleasant Exchange with him? Then try to do a loyal audience. Patiently listen to children's ideas, then he'll open up to you. Never evolved into conversation with the child you talk of preaching, but many parents communicate with children most likely to make a mistake.

implement: If you want to become close friends, and the children's trust, first you have to set aside a certain time to communicate with them, this time belongs to you and your child, don't be disturbed by others. Then all you have to do is to carefully and quietly listen to them. After they finish, you can help them clarify their thinking, put forward some suggestions to solve the problem.

job II: focus on  

job description: child   as much as possible;

you wished for your child to avoid smoking, drinking too much? You hope that their academic performance was not such a mess? You hope they don't face too much pressure? You can do this. Is the best way to learn more about the situation of the children, whether at home, in the community, or in the school.

implementation Essentials: you should know that your child stay where and who you will be together. You also need to keep in touch with the parents of your children's friends. Family sit together to eat as much as possible, encourage your child to talk about things in his life. You should be concerned about their children's lives, but without much interference in his life, you should give the children enough space and let him explore. From the beginning, if you give a child a reasonable rules and regulations, you can safely let him do more. I believe he will do very well!

responsibilities three: standard  

job description: to set explicit values  

If you hope that your child will naturally become good citizens, you want will most likely fall to the ground. Don't count on their peers, schools or media can teach them the proper code of conduct. You must give the child rules, let them know what kind of manners and the quality is very important.

implementation Essentials: you and your husband (or wife) want to set what values? What are the qualities? List you think it is important, for instance: honest, courteous, kind ... ... Then make another list, lists you do not want the children to have quality. Couple discussion, agreed that children need to have the values you listed. After the child starts to understand, these values will be always instilled in them. Of course, the best on the regular family meetings to strengthen the impression in the minds of their children.

job responsibility: constraint  

job description: strengthening the concepts of discipline and implementation of  

If the "discipline" of the Word makes you feel terrible, you don't understand the true meaning of it. Discipline does not mean kicking, punching it with punishment and even not necessarily linked. As a parent, be sure to deeply care about the meaning of the word. Children grow up without any discipline in society will inevitably touch was badly beaten, he may pay the whole cost. If parents train their children view on discipline, he will grow up to be a confident, successful people and vice versa, the consequences would be unthinkable.

implement: let children live in families where a chapter to follow. Parents in dealing with problems to achieve consistency, fair and reasonable. Always tell them you want them to abide by the code of conduct, and supervise them in accordance with these standards to do it. This after a while, you will find your life become more organized, more efficient, and your child will appreciate your efforts today.

responsibilities Friday: confidence

job description: Don't blindly follow someone else's rule  

If your neighbor jumped off a bridge, would you jump it? Of course not. But sometimes you can blindly follow the example of other family rules. Cause there are many: it may be your child wants you to do, or it may be due to face had to do. If you find yourself a bit spoiled, take up your responsibilities as soon as possible. Remember the old saying: be careful than sorry--this is the truth.

implement: let the child know she should follow family rules. When to implement these rules have a difficult time, and ask her to call you. And, as much as possible know your children's friends and their parents, so that you know what your values are the same.

job VI: recognition of  

job description: to give due recognition to  

praise is somewhat similar to the icing on the cake: a bit of frosting, cake is tasty if you add too much, tastes of the cake was ruined. Such praise is to children: kids need your encouragement, which will provide them a sense of achievement; but too much praise can make every little thing that they think they do deserve praise. If not, they will be discouraged, eventually may be attributed to you.

implementation Essentials: modest praise. Too much praise can diminish praised efforts fail to encourage a child's purpose. If you do not want to lose the trust of your child, remember: don't abuse credit.

responsibilities: the   of peacekeeping operations;

job description: quell the dispute among the children   as soon as possible;

between brothers and sisters make fun, insults and even fights are common enough, but you don't have to mix in. All you have to do is to immediately end this pointless argument, tell them their behavior is not desirable. Teaching children to use a civilized language to communicate, rather than his fists and verbally attack each other's purpose.

implementation Essentials: following the controversy of children, who are if you want to pursue this matter caused, probably don't make much sense. Children will of course try to responsibility. If you are not too much intervention, children will solve the problem on your own. They may have forgotten about it quickly to cloud nine. Children should be taught how to deal with interpersonal skills, so that they learn to listen to the opinions of others, knows how to handle disagreements with others.

job responsibilities eight: Wilson  

job description: to be a democracy and "dictatorial" parent  

families need a democratic atmosphere, but between parents and the child cannot do democracy, because some of the idea inevitably sometimes children are immature and irrational, selfish. In this case if your kids lead you around by the nose, unable to make a firm decision, over time you will lose credibility in the boys. Establishing your leadership position is not difficult, you just need to remember: the final decision is yours.

implementation Essentials: tell children about democracy, but you can't give up your leadership. Each family member has the right to speak, you have to listen to the child's views, it shows that you respect him. But if we cannot reach an agreement, parents would have to take decisive action to make a decision. From the beginning, if you do and stick to it, the children will gradually understand and approve of this.

job responsibilities: let go  

job description: ignoring irrelevant disputes between children and  

do you often argued with their children? You want to argue with children you will end in your victory? In fact there is no need. On the important issue, naturally arguments clearly. Irrelevant questions, let the children handle their own. Trust your gut, the children can handle those things.

implementation Essentials: get to know children, so as to know what is you can let go of. For some of you think that children can handle bad things, you need to take the responsibility. If you believe that children can make an informed decision, not to become involved. If you learn how to properly "decentralization", children tend to do the more important matters of opinion. Conversely, if you yourself control them, you will not only lead to hatred for children also lost their respect for you.

in short, trying to be a good parent, you must first understand their "job" what are your responsibilities.


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