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Parents don't deprive your child find opportunities

Mr Zhang has been in Germany during the visiting scholar, with a 5 year old son playing on the beach. Next to them was a Germany mother, reading on the couch, her children picked up a handful of sand into their mouths.

very worried, he walked up and reminded Germany MOM, "your child will eat sand. "However, the mother is at a loss. "So what does? "She said, after he tried to know, such as sand is not good to eat, naturally do not eat.

stunned, if this was in China, most parents can prevent a child.

parents tell their kids the sand can not eat, or your child into his mouth and found hard to stomach, conclusions are the same, but this conclusion is not the same. The former, the child gets the parents provide indirect experience of judging, which, after the child is experiencing first-hand experience.

"the difference in terms of experience. "Childcare specialist Sun yunxiao said that recall the impressive thing, you will find that is basically your own personal experience. Sometimes adult eyes finger thing, let your child experience, they can realize more and more profound impact on them.

Sun yunxiao, the children grew up, is a process of socialization. One of the striking features of this process is practical. Their experience can see sense, and parents should provide children with opportunities to experience as much as possible.

after a 3-year-olds wipe the table to wash rag, observed that "white rag than before", "water turn black." The relationship between the two adults look very obvious, but the child is through the hands-on know things change. If parents treat their children saying "don't catch a rag", "water is black, not washing their hands," then he cannot recognize this link between the two in practice.

Sun yunxiao believes that children's development is not a substitute, parents are often too eager to help them, or ask them a shot is correct. As such, parents deprived of their children discover opportunities, stifling their interest in learning, pummeling their initiative to solve the problem.

"parents have to learn to let children grow up. "Sun yunxiao said life ability of children grow up and be confident, attractive people.


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