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Child four years old still rude compensatory education is not too late

Want their children to be polite   parents role models are important

, "SOS! "June June MOM, children four years old and is still not polite when relatives give parents lose on a table, first choose their favorite dishes with chopsticks, eating right after coming home, parents often educational, but the effect is not obvious, how to teach children manners?

practice a

do not scold the child face to face, after reason told her to "make up"!

Allison's MOM: when I 5, Allison receives a gift from her aunt gave her a pack, her curiosity quickly break, trying to figure out what bread in. I watched, I really want to shout: "Allison stop! Did you say thank you? "But then I thought, when she is excited, no need to be so rude to teach manners, then I said to her aunt:" thank you, Ah, Allison sent such a lovely gift! "At this time, Allison looked to the us, immediately said," thank you, aunt! "Know how kids will surely follow Mommy and express their gratitude. But if the child did not do that, it is recommended that mothers can afterwards, just the two of you people say to baby: "aunt bought you such a nice gift. How can we give her a thank you call? If she knows we are thinking about her, she will be very happy. "I think this method of education of children to be polite, although more complicated than direct rebuke, but more long-term results. Mother not only gives children more time for sentiment and guide your child to take account of the feelings of others, let the children understand "their thanks, will bring joy to each other". Let the kids have a thankful heart, than simply learning to say "thank you" much more useful.

practices II

the roles were reversed, enable children to experience feeling left out

Liu: in teaching children to be polite, if reason cannot explain it, we might as well let the child experience guests feel.

me and my niece had a close relationship, once home to the guests, my niece has kept noise, ignoring greeting of the guests. The next day, the niece to come to visit my family, I have as usual with jelly, potato chips and other goodies to entertain her, but ignore her. Treat her to see me like this, niece aggrieved tears falling down. Then I said to her: "aunt ignore you, are you not happy? That yesterday to the man that talks to you, you don't ignore her, the guest is not happy? "My niece seemed to understand each other, and later home to the guest, she will not only greeted the initiative, sometimes you will be your own fruit out to guests. When children learn to stand in other people's perspectives, polite questions naturally no longer education problems.

practice III

parents with polite kids imitating

David MOM: remember when David first talking, accidentally children take the building down, I asked him to and they say sorry, he said at the beginning, but then I asked him: "the last time, Lei Lei accidentally knocked your building blocks, he's not doing it on purpose, but it's hard to remember? "David mused, hesitated a few seconds, still has apologized to the family.

regardless of life or the game, as long as the child contact with people, parents can use every opportunity to use "please" and "thank you", such as when eating to say: "Please give me a spoon. "Child to you and don't forget to say" thank you ". To shop in supermarkets and encourage children after payment to the clerk says "thank you", "Goodbye". If you want good habits of polite expressions in children, parents have to set an example in their daily lives. Imitation is an important aspect of children's communication, parents are their children's first teachers, but also the child's main role models. If the parents can go out every day to district staff say hello, believe children must also get used to these polite, this is the role model.

expert advice

compensatory education not too late

there is an old saying in China: "don't teach, father's fault. "June June not courtesy of the reason is that the parents did not teach his courtesy. Human growth is a process of learning, June June the situation was compensatory education should be conducted to alert parents. Parents must first change "anything by him" attitude to education, with about a self-centered, do anything without regard for others, without thinking about the consequences of the child in society can hardly stand on.

change on the basis of the parents to give the child up in the right way politeness lesson of education.

first, talking with children in a harmonious atmosphere, that polite behavior from their parents ' attitudes, with positive language in similar situations in the future that you want children to do what.

Second, kids telling other kids about manners or not courtesy of the story, to indirect, metaphorical way to make children understand the truth: public manners is to respect others, respect the talent of others will be welcomed and respected.

third, at the next meal, interested please be polite friend to dine together, ask my partner to have a greater influence on him.

four, provide books for children to read.

five, don't require your child quickly changes, should be encouraged as long as there is progress.


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