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The relationship between children's intelligence and environment

Children's intelligence, in addition to the genetics, nutrition, and early intellectual development is related to give children a good living and learning environment is also particularly important.

peace puzzle: research shows that live in quiet, soft environment in children's IQ is higher, and a noise environment is obstacle to mental development. United States researchers used chicken as an experiment and found that high levels of noise may damage brain cells within a few hours, lasted only two days, with ears connected neurons began to shrink and even death. France's test also showed that 55 decibels of noise, understanding error rates child as 4.3%, and when the noise above 60 decibels, understanding error rates increased to 15%. Therefore, should let the children try to avoid noise interference, and help improve the intellectual and academic achievement.

harmony puzzle: family harmony, cordial atmosphere, full of family love, can enhance a child's intelligence. Instead, the couple turn to bickering children deprived of motherly and fatherly love, and this poor family environment, child, feelings of depression and loneliness, growth hormone decrease in child small, IQ.

puzzle: be able to broaden information is also an important measure to improve brain function, particularly in children. United States, a physiologist at followed a group of children for as long as 10 years, found in third grade in elementary school that is like dealing with adult children, their learning the common good, rather than dealing with adult children is generally poor. This suggests that adult language, thought and action, help to promote children's mental development. Instead, the low IQ of children with autism. Therefore, parents should encourage more children out of the home, with age and older children, and even adult friends.

fragrance puzzle: put some flowers in the children's room and the classroom or aromatic substances (such as aromatic pillow, Bookmarkers, sachets, etc), or with a little natural perfumes, creating a fragrance full of environment, a puzzle effect. Scientists believe that, compared with the General environment, children living in an aromatic environment, regardless of Visual, sensory, acceptance and imitated aspects, there are obvious advantages. Mystery is the fragrance can give a good stimulus, makes people feel relaxed, mood, enhanced sensitivity of hearing and sense of smell and thinking, improve IQ.

color puzzle: light blue, yellow, green and orange can be inspired, improve attention and black, Brown, white, can be injurious to the intellect, lower IQ. Children's room or classroom wall hanging paintings or banner with a light blue background, will help children to learn.


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