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On emotion education of students with intellectual disabilities

Psychology, emotions are usually associated with physiological needs experience. In other words, the mood is caused by stimulation of the mind and body excited state, it reflects objective things and the relationship between the needs of man, and as happiness, anger, sadness and joy, and other special inner experience. Emotional state, though can be experienced by the individual, but caused by the change of physiological and Behavioral responses, but not controlled by the individual, so the effect on individual lives and highly influential. Object--as special education students with intellectual disabilities, their intelligence and adaptive behavior were significantly lower than those of ordinary people, and even has a special situation in controlling emotions, special education methods must be used for their emotional education.

a, mental retardation, characteristic mood and affect

the emotional characteristics of students with intellectual disabilities is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: first, emotional instability, not experience profound. Teachers often reflecting students with intellectual disabilities, "memory", not long after the teacher and make the same mistake again. The reason, experience emotions such as guilt, shame with intellectual disabilities not deep relating. Second, the strength of the emotional experience and emotions caused by external stimuli do not match. If impaired Zhisheng was criticized in public, he may not have much feeling, even laughs and enjoys it. And when he was given the what and when others do not like, he may be earth-shattering cry. Third, poor ability to control emotions. Students with intellectual disabilities to play together, and occasionally have a bit of fun or push-pull, likely to cause conflict, furious at the two men fight, to tangle. Four is the slow development of high emotion. Although Pui Chi school rather attach importance to ideological and moral education for students with intellectual disabilities, fostering their sense of morality, honor, high emotions, but born with mental disabilities due to mental defect limits, the high level of emotional development clearly cannot equate strength training and education. 44 students with intellectual disabilities would still be excited for teacher award of food, but rarely excited chest waving a red scarf, even if the moment of excitement, it's hard to realize the glory of being a pioneer. Intellectual disabilities living in these emotional characteristics to their physical and mental development, learning, life, and society has had a big impact.

Second, to ways and channels of emotional education for students with intellectual disabilities

emotional education to improve their level of awareness, forming good personalities and behavior patterns are good, emotional education for students with intellectual disabilities is necessary.

mood education approaches and channels mainly include the following four aspects. Is the role of family and school environment. Families and schools for students with intellectual disabilities to provide a safe, comfortable living and learning environment that can meet the security needs of mentally disabled students, allows students with intellectual disabilities reduce worry, feel happy, help them to develop and maintain a fairly stable positive emotional States. Second, the role of teachers and parents. Parents and teachers in front of students with intellectual disabilities do not always is the same expression, but rather to show the nature of mood changes, and communicate with them appropriately, in front of them to show appropriate appropriate emotional expression and behavior, so that they can imitate. Third, the necessary attention. Teachers and parents is not available for students with intellectual disabilities out of control emotions ignore or abandon it, but to take an earnest and serious attitude and approach to students with intellectual disabilities to understand radical expressions and behavior is wrong and can cause hazard. If necessary, take the punishment, sit isolated or role to replace other ways, letting them make mistakes and cause harm. Four is the use of educational means of compensation. To take full advantage of the teaching and training of compensation, compensation for their emotional defect as possible, so as to cultivate students with intellectual disabilities good emotions, personality, and behavior. Such as music lessons, art classes, sports games, and so contribute to the development of health and good mood with intellectual disabilities.


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