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Discovery and identification of gifted children

Gifted children should be given proper education, so that their potential can be fully developed, first to be able to find them, identification of their science.

However, the discovery and identification of gifted children is not easy, because:

first, the wisdom and talents of children is in a suitable environment and conditions and development of education.

a genetic predisposition to good development possibilities, if there are no suitable environment and education potential of children do not receive adequate and extraordinary performance and outstanding development. Present education system, methods and conditions not conducive to the full development of children with a variety of potential, many gifted children are buried, their performance with the average child does not see any difference, nature is not easy to identify. This phenomenon in cultural and educational conditions in those areas are more prominent.

Second, human intelligence, creativity, personality and other psychological itself is complex, and measure a person's intelligence, creativity, personality and tool also are not scientific, perfect.

identification must first have clear criteria to compare, and also to recognize the tools. Measure a person's height and weight more easily, use a ruler to measure, scales said, can get objective data. However, to measure intelligence, creativity and personality and other psychological aspects are relatively rare.

what indicators, choosing what methods to identify?

it worked closely with the researchers on the concept of the gifted children understand relationships. The next hundred years, domestic and foreign experts and scholars in this regard has been a lot of discussion, development or updating of hundreds of kinds of assessment, identification of scales. But because of psychological complexity, you cannot rely on one or two scales can measure non-mental potential. Moreover, evaluation, identification of tools to prepare is, in itself, the issues to be discussed and continue to improve, and improve.

third, people's substance, the characteristics of gifted children, the scientific understanding of the causes and needs further development.

people (including teachers and parents) look very mysterious, unattainable such children, or they are very comprehensive. Therefore, in the real world is not easy to discover gifted children exist, even gifted children at his side, may still be found.

a large number of gifted children are buried, cannot receive a suitable education in a timely manner, it is a waste of human resources. It should be actively promoted, so that all sectors of society can understand gifted children, particularly to help teachers and parents understand the identification of indicators and methods in order to identify gifted children and found, health care and help them grow in a timely manner.


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