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Cerebral palsy is caused by how

About cerebral palsy is what causes this problem, do not know how many of you know.

as we all know, since there are a lot of people because of what causes cerebral palsy is not very understanding, and cannot take effective preventive measures against cerebral palsy, led to the emergence of many children with cerebral palsy, for any family, this was a very brutal fact, and now know what causes cerebral palsy became our essential knowledge.

causes of cerebral palsy appeared currently know more than hundred species, but the most common reason is still preterm infants, neonatal asphyxia and other members are familiar with the disease.

1, in preterm infants: now with the improvements in medical care, only 28 gestational weeks, children are in 1 kilograms in body weight to get emergency treatment survived. But due to the small gestational age, brain development is not very mature, very prone to brain injury. If damage occurs after the Central movement disorder, possible fear of cerebral palsy.

2, neonatal: neonatal asphyxia is still the second cause of cerebral palsy, especially severe asphyxia. Due to hypoxia, can easily lead to brain edema and intracranial hemorrhage, leading to brain damage. Modern research has found that children with severe asphyxia at birth exists before brain damage due to the brain damage caused by the presence of a child cannot be successfully delivered. If during this period did not intervene, and so is likely to result in permanent brain damage, cerebral palsy symptoms occur.

reasons for cerebral palsy, in addition to the above two of the most important reasons, twins, and multiple pregnancy, pregnant women drinking substandard water, living conditions seriously polluted, engaged in the types of toxic substances, can lead to cerebral palsy, all of these issues must be brought to our attention.


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