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Charge standard
  Fees for primary and secondary school courses teachers class:

Language/Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/Biology Primary school Junior high school High school
College students 15-20 yuan/hour 20-30 yuan/hour 30-40 yuan/hour
Students majoring in English 15-25 yuan/hour 30-40 yuan/hour 35-45 yuan/hour
Separation/retired teacher 30-40  yuan/hour 40-70 yuan/hour 50-80 yuan/hour
In-service (non-school) 30-50 Yuan/hour 50-70 yuan/hour 50-90 yuan/hour
In-service teacher (school) 40-80 yuan/hour 50-100 yuan/hour 70-200 yuan/hour
Overseas Chinese and expatriates Negotiable

    Adult English, arts, sports, language English, Putonghua and computer teacher lesson fee:

46 adult English/English/English English/business English/speech
College students 30-50 Yuan/hour
Students majoring in English 40-60 yuan/hour
Separation/retired teacher 50-70 yuan/hour
In-service teachers 70-100 yuan/hour
Overseas Chinese and expatriates Negotiable

Musical/musical Piano/Hammond organ/vocals Other musical instruments
Amateur level 8 40-80 yuan/hour 60-100 yuan/hour
Professional college students 50-100 yuan/hour 100-120 Yuan/hour
Full-time music teachers 100-150 yuan/hour 120-150 yuan/hour

Amateurs 30-50 Yuan/hour
Professional college students 50-90 yuan/hour
Teachers/professionals 70-100 yuan/hour

Minority languages Japanese France/Germany/South Korea/Russia/Spain
Non-major college students 40-80 yuan/hour 40-90 yuan/hour
Professional college students 50-90 yuan/hour 50-100 yuan/hour
Professional worker 60-100 yuan/hour 60-100 yuan/hour
Professional teacher 60-100 yuan/hour 60-100 yuan/hour
Overseas Chinese and expatriates Negotiable Negotiable

College students (Chinese) 25-30 yuan/hour
English/Chinese majors 30-50 Yuan/hour
Foreign language majors 40-60 yuan/hour
Minority language instruction Refer to language standard

Mathematics/computer/Web design/image processing/programming
Amateurs 30-40 yuan/hour
Professional college students 40-50 Yuan/hour
Teachers/professionals 70-100 yuan/hour

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